July 19, 2012

Chair redo!

Hello everyone! Gosh, it feels so good to write again :) Tonight, I re did an old chair I found at a thrift store. Originally, I was going to redo this for my mom but she has more of a traditional style and I just love these newly created shabby treasure. She had AWESOME bones so that's why she just had to come home with me:) What do you think of the before? Wasn't she pretty then too?

Drumroll please... 

Here she is...in all of her glory! I lightly sanded down the entire chair and then used my trusty primer. You can find primer at any of your local hardware stores. I like to use a good concealing primer that will hide and block stains.

I realized after I took this picture that I missed the front part of the chair :o Ooopppsss! It is now happily distressed just like the rest of the body ;o My bad yo.

Isn't this fabric FABULOUS?! I LOVE it! My mama had it and I stole asked if I could have it. 

What do you think of this chair redo? Isn't she lovely? She will be for sale in my shop for only a limited amount of time as we move to FLORIDA in one week! WOOP!

Are you interested in buying this awesome chair? Let me know by sending me an email at homebyally{at}yahoo.com

This piece is for sale on Facebook on my page, Home by Ally which you can find {here.}

Thanks y'all and talk to you soon!


July 1, 2012


Hello y'all! We made it to North Carolina! YIPPEEEEE!! It was a "special" trip to say the least with two people trying to run me off the road :( So if anyone is traveling soon, safe travels because people can't drive! HAHA!

But seriously, I was so excited the whole trip to give these pretties away from A Pretty Shoppe. You can find her shop here. and her Facebook page here.

Here were the giveaway items! SOOOO CUTE. I LOVE A Pretty Shoppe and have SO MANY of these pretties of my own!!! So are you ready for the winner????

Miriam Quarterman out of Minot AFB is the winner! If Miriam could message Kirah through A Pretty Shoppe's FB page, she will get you your pretties!! Thanks to everyone who participated!!

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