Endings & Beginnings

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As some of you may have seen if you are local, I did in fact leave the store where I rented space at, Vintage Living Marketplace. Myself, along with many other vendors, really did not feel comfortable participating & contributing to something that didn't really contribute to us. I definitely will say with 110% confidence it was the right decision and I am happy & proud to move forward! I've always been an advocate for community over competition and always said if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we have to speak for those who don't or can't speak for themselves. If something doesn't feel good anymore or if you are not having a good time, take yourself out of it. Whether a single vendor, store or mall... something I've learned time and time again is that with the right attitude, communication and hearts, anything can be accomplished and everyone can win. Usually what is right is not easy and what is easy is not always right.

I've really had this in the back of my head for some time... Home by Ally has been a creative outlet for me for years. I thoroughly enjoy meeting all of you who have taken the time out of your lives to follow along in my journey in blogging, decorating, real estate & any other endeavor that I have take on. I really, really can't say thank you enough to all of y'all for that support, the love, the encouragement and the steady support. It really means more than you will ever know... which is why for now, I'm at peace with HBA not participating in a typical store/booth type setting. Quite frankly, I don't really care for the whole set up anyways (And that's definitely not to say that there are not some great stores/malls/booths) but I've always craved different, more unique & curated...

When I first began writing this blog, before Pinterest & before even the sunshine state... we lived in North Dakota. Something I originally came up with years ago was having vintage type repurpose sales literally out of my driveway for folks on the base to come and get my custom furniture, home decor, etc. It was SO fun, SO overwhelming and really made me look forward to the day that I had those sales! My first ever "repurpose" sale was in our driveway in Minot, ND where I had about 50 people waiting at the end of my driveway. I had to walk inside because I started to cry not knowing how, why or should that many people even be into this type of thing? Yes. They were. And so sweet. And so genuine and many who I still get to speak to, to this day.

So, I had a few more sales. Then came a big move to Florida & a few more sales even here! Pure chaos and inventory literally gone in hours. Prices were great, inventory is unlike any other and home decor creations are custom made by myself! My family & I have always been amazed at the support the community has shown for this type of craft and I definitely want you to know, it won't stop. Throw real estate in there and mind you a very busy but BLESSED first couple of years of real estate which I also am NOT going to stop practicing by the way! But there's just something else...

I definitely will miss the faces from being in the shops. I'll miss the messages & the fun just chit-chatting with everyone of y'all! SO, I have decided to have Home by Ally shows 3-4 times a year! I am projecting that my first show will be in March 2016.  At every show, there will always be old architecture and salvage, one of a kind finds, custom decor & furniture, greenery and unique home decor and accessories I've gathered over time...from all across the country and even world if you can believe it! Dates and locations will be announced on the blog and on social media when the time does come for each show.  If you love fresh, simple, effortless finds unique to only your home, you will definitely NOT want to miss this one of a kind curated event which will feature only a few hand selected friends of HBA who will also help me in selling goods unlike anything you can obtain in the area. Old, new, unusual & trendy...something you won't be able to get at this store or that... is my goal. Please know that it won't be like a garage sale but prices will be affordable because I won't have an overhead of rent, commission, etc which in turn can make things really better for y'all so it's a win-win. These shows also give me a wonderful opportunity to catch up with y'all who are constantly supporting and inspiring me to keep doing what I do.

Which brings me to the new & improved logo you see at the top of the page! Home by Ally is going to have a whole new look soon & this all is directed related to my "new/old" beginning. Sometimes an "old" idea is just the trick instead of the latest "new" thing. For 2016, Home by Ally is now available for interior decorating services,whether that be a consult, personal shopping or whole house jobs. I will also be traveling periodically to North Carolina as well as the surrounding states & back down to Florida so if there is a "custom" piece you are looking for, whether it's a custom size, color or item... I will definitely try to supply that if at all possible! I obviously would LOVE to help you with any real estate services you may need in the local Brevard County area but please don't hesitate to ask if I know someone in your area. The great thing about our business is that we have many folks who have become friends all across the country.

So, new look...new shows to look forward to, unlike anyone else & all original to HBA and I am also excited to definitely document more of my clients & friends home tours! If there is one thing I've always loved, it's touring homes and now you will be able to do the same too! As each presents itself, I would love to feature, photography & document others spaces & how they created their spaces right here on the blog! I really have always enjoyed encouraging each other to remember that our homes are OURS. They are a direct reflection of our hearts, our families and our story, not a magazine or someone else's life. There really are a great deal of things to look forward to and I really, sincerely hope you stick around to see!
Remember you are always welcome here.

Shutterfly Christmas goodies

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Tonight I have a quick post just to show you what I got in the mail this week from Shutterfly! If you haven't checked out Shutterfly, you definitely should! They have a huge selection obviously of prints & anything really photo related that you can think of… however, they ALSO carry home decor now! You can customize pillows with photos or without with fun patterns & cute quotes. They have such a great selection and I was so honored to have partnered with them for a few Christmas decorations for our house! If you haven't ever visited their website or haven't in awhile, I recommend y'all go look around by clicking HERE!

So, I really didn't want anything that was traditional Christmas like a reindeer or Santa or an elf pillow… I really wanted something that had a nod to one of my favorite Christmas movies…

I may or may not be obsessed with Clark and his love for Christmas. I never tire of the movie and there are certain quotes in the movie I can always hear in my head this time of year! Since I didn't want any foul language from Clark on my pillow, I shorted the quote but for anyone who knows the movie, it should click right away! I really love having something as personalized as this in our home. You could do family photos and quotes… or make a memory pillow of loved ones for the holidays that aren't here with us… or you can be like me, and make these silly ones that make you laugh every time I look at it.

There are a ton of options of their pillows and I choose to have both sides have something. I opted for the quote on the front & a simple ticking stripe on the back to give some depth. I can also switch it right around if I want a different look. Pretty nifty if you ask me. Yes, I just said that word. If you'd like to create your own and see all of their options, you can link directly to their home decor section by clicking HERE!

I also ordered a customized photo mug! I opted for the 15oz mug where I could add photos of my children! Since its something I'm sure I'll reach for daily to sip from, I wanted something fun, cute & happy to  be on it and what better than my handsome middle child, little Winston!

Having personalized items such as this mug or the pillow really make a house feel home so remember when you are decorating for the holidays or in general, to not forget to put YOU and YOURS back into the house… Yes, of course it can be pretty but the real beauty of the space will show through the photos of memories & sweet meaningful items that have a story personal to you. 

If you missed the rest of our Sunroom Christmas tour, you can find that post by clicking HERE! Here were a few photos to remind you either way… 

Again, I am so excited about our personalized Christmas items from Shutterfly and I am so honored to have partnered with them on this post! Feel free to check out their website again and please let me know what y'all think about my personalized items too!

**This is a sponsored post by Shutterfly. However, all opinions & views are honest and my own.

Christmas Sunroom 2015 "Farmhouse Christmas"

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I'm really excited to finally be sharing our Christmas home tour for 2015. Although we are ALWAYS working on different projects in our home, I have taken some time this year to really add that festive touch of Christmas to the main living areas of our home. I've teamed up with some other awesome bloggers who also will be sharing their beautiful homes so I highly encourage y'all to stop by and show them some love! There is nothing like a good ole' home tour! 

Now, I know how I am when there is a good home tour…and even more when it's Christmas. I really try to read what the writer is writing but I look at the photos first…and then I read the post. So I'll keep the words light. For today, unlike a lot of the other folks, I'll only be showing you our sunroom because I have a few other projects this month I want to show you in different spaces so I will save those for another time! I really enjoyed decorating in here this year. We previously had painted the sunroom with an oops gray that I loved for like a month. I still did/do like the gray but something came over me the other night and I was craving my go to color, "Oatlands Subtle Taupe" by Valspar, which a very close match to Revere Pewter just about. I really enjoy the light and brightness of this space! Enjoy!

I purchased a few of these very cheap mercury glass votive candle holders from Marshalls. They have a slight reflection of a snowflake although it is hard to see that in the photos. I sprinkled some pine cones on the top of the TV stand and flocked the garland with mostly naturally things like my NC pine trees, some red berrie picks from our tree out front & some old fashioned lights. I'll more than likely add some fresh greenery when it gets closer to Christmas… but I want to enjoy them before they die off ;-)

I have LED candles in the lanterns that are on timers so they are super pretty at night… I'm thinking after looking at these photos I'll go get some plain red satin ribbon and tie the tops of those cute little trees from Michaels. I'm really a sucker for anything simple… and although my tree is decked out, that is really it. I don't like a lot of fuss and really wanted my tree to take center stage.

Below I used old architectural porch salvage spindles and simply drilled small holes in the top points & threaded some twine through to create my own custom ornaments! I really love these since I've never seen anything like it and even better, this is something I made and won't be able to find in a store!

There's something about this deep classic red that has my heart this year. I really wanted some heavy, glass old fashioned style ornaments and these below did not disappoint. I purchased these from Tuesday Morning in a variety of patterns & even colors. If you look closely at our tree, you will see that there are red, white and silver ones that also mimic mercury glass. I didn't really purchase anything new this year except for the woodland style "birch wood" ribbon which I got in NC at a local shop & these ornaments above. Everything else I really pieced together with things I've had over the years. 

Thank you mama for this cute little driftwood reindeer I've had for years! I stuck some fresh boxwood & a cute tag on him for some festivity! 

And thank you to my daddy for my cute little vintage ice skates that hang on my grandmothers old sled. 

All the pine cones I had fun picking up last time I was up in North Carolina visiting my folks. North Carolina will always have my heart, with its tall pines…. and southern accents! I miss home lots, especially this time of year so anything to remind me of it will always mean a lot to me and these are no different. I'll be keeping these out for awhile I have a feeling...

 I hope y'all enjoyed a small glimpse into our Christmas sunroom! I can't what to show you more so please stay tuned! As always, I love to hear your thoughts and how your holidays are going!