April 29, 2014

New dining room table & some planning

This morning I woke up really earlier because I planned to take some photos of the dining room. Thank goodness the lighting was beautiful and I get to show y'all my new dining room table! If you have been following, you can read a post I wrote about what I wanted in a dining room table here. I happened to get very lucky one night while cruising through Craigslist and saw something with not so great photos but at a wonderful price that looked like something I might like. My hopes were not set very high however because how many times do things on Craigslist really look like what the picture says… well sometimes. But I just didn't have my hopes up…  but man, when the guy brought this huge hunk of love out, I had to contain my excitement. It was THE table.

Originally, I was thinking the base was much thinner and not so prominent but I am SO thrilled that it is chunky and amazing! I am in love and cannot stop staring at it. The same day that I scored this table, I stumbled upon a mutual friends yardsale and found the couch I've been eyeing at Ikea that matches the one in our sunroom…for another steal of a deal! That post is coming! It was seriously my lucky day y'all. And I was feeling on top of the world. I mean, this table. Is. Like. Over. $1,000. Dollars. I love me some Ballard but I have not even begun to prepare myself to pay that kind of money for a table. Not when you're thrifty and try to save/diy/buy clearance for everything.

Is he marvelous? I shouldn't say he. Because it's definitely a she. She has beautiful curves and a gorgeous color. And we did upgrade from a 48" table to a 52" which can more comfortable accommodate dinner guests and lets more chairs come to the table if necessary.

IF you remember, here's our dining room before with our old table. I never really took an up close photo of it because I planned to paint it or do something but I did like the lines of it. The price wasn't bad either so we worked with what we had at the time… It had a much smaller, petite base with drawers on the top part. That was perfect for storage of linens and game pieces… :)

Here's a view of the after standing in the front living area. If you noticed, I took the rug out. It needs to be cleaned from our dogs and some little puppy I know had an accident so I professionally cleaned it and I'm now looking to paint some interesting stripes on it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to order a new round jute rug that hints at the one in the sunroom. I love the texture of that one.

There's a few more things to do in here. I used to set the dining room table but found that the dishes gathered dust and we never really used the formal set as much as people/I would have thought so I have them back in the cabinets. For now, a small antique dough bowl sits in the middle. It's usually full of bright green Granny Smith Apples which are my favorite but I haven't made the grocery run yet. I know, shame on me. I'm not sure if I like/dislike the boxwood wreath hanging on the sunroom windows. But I'm letting it stay for awhile to see. I did order those antique reproduction herb crates by the refrigerator. I had been eyeing them for some time and finally ordered them off of Antique Farmhouse. I love their website and am a frequent customer, even just to browse their amazing items. I would love to team up with them one day to bring an amazing giveaway for y'all.

I am still loving the lantern chandelier. I grabbed the pillows from the sunroom and tried them on the chairs and I am thinking about ordered 4 more of them for each dining room chair. I love the stripes and texture that it brings to the table. I still would like to find something interesting to put a top of the old cupboard I have there. Right now, a plain jute bowl with hydrangeas sits…but I'd like some type of conversation piece sooner than later. 

Here's an up close and personal view. Isn't she lovely? Whistle!

I just adore this table and I am thanking the big man upstairs so much for blessing me with such a wonderful day and great friends, shout out to Lucky Day who helped me in getting my new sofa and this table! If you haven't met Dawn, you're missing out. Wonderful woman who I adore!

And I'm surprised I didn't post on Facebook but I attended Florida's Fancy Flea in Plant City, FL. I found a few things, one of which is this cute and darling little ice cream table that now sits in my sunroom. I love the lines and wanted something a little different than the other antique table. That other antique table will be headed to the shop soon after I paint her…AGAIN!

I love the rustic wood top and iron black legs. Swoon worth if I don't say so myself! I love these lamps….and have had them for some time but I am wondering if I want to look for something alittle more interesting. I'll keep my eye peeled! Until then…

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April 17, 2014

Sunroom Reveal: Things aren't perfect but we trust you can relate

You know, here lately… I've been getting a lot of "I'm so ready to see your house!" or "When can I come over to see this new house of yours?" And I think to myself, my house is NOT ready for people to come over. Nothing is finished being decorated, I have furniture to paint and I just plain don't like it right now. But ya know, it's "our" house and it'll always be a "work in progress." Nothing is ever going to be done! And if anyone couldn't have said it better, I borrowed this from the Nester smith. Love her.

So, without further blah, blah and more blah… I will stop talking and let you look through lots of photos… Keep the tomatoes and negativity to yourself ;-) Unless you have cookies.

Let's recap. Here's a few before photos. Below is the blank slate with the couch in the back.

Another from when we first moved in… 

And here's some progress. But no much. A whole lot of beige.

And finally today, I began the real work…

 Today, the sunroom took a turn and started to feel lived in. Started to feel more like ours, more cozy and most importantly, some place we can just go to enjoy each other and our every day's. Of course, there are still a list of "to-do's" for this room including crown molding, finding something cool for above the TV or something for either side of the tv. I want to paint the antique side table that sits beside the couch & our new leather chair as well. And possibly the rocker. I really love the color of the little chicken wire cabinet I brought in at the last minute. That won't stay there forever... I'm just filling the space for now but I do love, love, love the color of it! So, friends… there's our sunroom as it sits right now. Wanna come over and have a cup of sweet tea with me? And talk about life? Good, me too.

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April 14, 2014

DIY Industrial Wire baskets

Like I shared in my last post that you can find here, I told you I was on the hunt for a few things for our sunroom amongst other rooms that we are working on as well. One of those things was baskets for inside of our tv stand. Initially, I thought that I wanted a nice warm and woven basket but found these babies today at TjMaxx. Although they were cute in their school bus yellow color, it doesn't fit into my decor. The best part about these baskets? They were $9.99 each, have a linen inside cover that is removable and washable and everything was marked down an extra 20% at one of our TjMaxx's since it was moving locations! Making them a whopping $8.00 each? Why yes, I'll take two.

Here's the tv stand before I got them. Nothing special. I actually just filled it with crap that was laying around so it didn't look like we just moved in. I know, brilliant. 

Insert my $1.00 can of black spray paint from Lowes and I knew these babies could be even more fabulous but more importantly, my style. I've had a few of these baskets before in our previous houses and ended up putting them for sale at our sales that we do… I still love the look though! So, the point of my post is basically to consider can you do anything to any item to make it more you and your style? This was a great example for me, I really didn't care for the yellow but for the price and knowing that I had spray paint at home… can't beat it!

I tried to remember to take photos of the process…. kinda looks like Pittsburgh Steeler colors. My daddy would be happy about me saying that on here. This probably took me about 5 minutes to do both baskets. I used wood that is not seen in the photos to prop them up off the ground. And I should have put something down so I didn't spray my grass but I get excited and get ahead of myself a lot!

But I did show you the wood scraps I used to prop them up to dry on our back patio. I didn't worry about hitting the bottoms too much because I knew the inside linen covers would cover it just fine. I allowed them to dry for a few hours and then brought them back inside!

Here's how they look now… Black. I love the linen covers against the black. I'm thinking I'll look for a vintage cast iron plate to put on the front of each to add some interest. Right now, these hold doggie toys and harnesses… leashes, shirts, etc. 

And here's a photo from a far. I hate cords. Have I mentioned the before? I will be doing something about that soon… so stay tuned! I'm also thinking of switching things up around the tv… or as my husband would chime in… "We could just get a bigger tv." So man-ish of him. The boxwoods moved right after I took this photo. As did a few other things in the sunroom so that's another thing to look out for soon! I am hoping to find some great stuff at Fancy Flea when that comes later this month!

While they were having this fabulous 20% everything sale, I picked up some dishes, a few shirts, some new dog toys and this beautiful throw that I've been eyeing for some time now! I love how thick it is.
 And I found the perfect place for it on my new leather yardsale chair!

Remember when decorating to think outside of the box. And to not let even the small things pass by if you can do something with them. Get those creative juices flowing and enjoy it!

April 12, 2014

A new couch & a yardsale chair

I woke up this morning ready to find some great things for our store. And I didn't find a darn thing for the store. But I did find a nice, super cute, low profile… leather chair that is worn and lovely. With cute little queen anne feet and a nice little body. I was totally excited about that because I've envisioned something like it for our sunroom for some time now. I still can't decide if I like these feet or if I should order new chunky ones to make this chair feel a little more masculine. What's your take?

I figured I'd snap a few photos this evening because the lighting was gorgeous in the sunroom and show you a little more of our new couch and this new yard sale chair and also share with you some plans that I have for the space… I love the light in the photo below. Gorgeous evening.

It is very rustic… not brand new looking but not torn and rough. Just looks worn and sat in a lot which I like. Leather does look better with age, after all. I plan to find some cute pillows for my new couch as well as a small one for this chair. The antique table near this chair got painted matte black and I'm not sure if I am loving it but I am letting it sit to see if I like it or not. I just draped a throw across this chair for the time being and I really need to work on the table top decor of that table but for now, pictures of us and a boxwood will do. I love those lamps still though.

A few scratches and imperfections which all add rather than detract to the character and age of this chair. It is not an antique or probably even old at all but I still am loving it! See what I mean about the feet? I'm thinking something chunky but with a nod to an antique style.

Here's a better shot of that corner. Soon, I plan to add window molding to make above the windows chunkier and create a larger impact when walking into this room. For now, this chair adds just the right amount of contrast to this neutral and cozy room.

Here's a peek to the left of the room where the tv sits. Above the tv is an old rope bed that was already past gone so I cut off the headboard and plan to use it as a pediment for wall decor. I want to add either a bible scripture or a quote to it. I'm still unsure if I love that there as well. I added the chunky frames to either side of the tv and again, still not sure if I like those either. I moved our antique window frames into the master that I am currently trying to get done so I can reveal to y'all! Maybe I'll look for more window frames for either side but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them like usual.

Also in that corner, I purchased a large peace lily plant for some greenery color. I love the depth and color that plants add, including my favorite boxwoods. 

Oh! And here's the peek at new couch. It's the Ektorp from Ikea that I have been eyeing for awhile forever! You can find it here. We opted to have the chaise in this sofa because my husband liked that option. We went with a new light beige cover called Tygelsjö beige that they just came out with. I really like the look of white but this soft beige seems more cozy to me. I am still on the hunt for throw pillows, a nice luxurious throw for the couch as well as an area rug. I am still leaning towards a nice jute rug but am hunting around for the best deal of course. And in case you were wondering, I am still loving the tv stand. I still would like to also get baskets for inside the doors of the tv stand.

And another peek to the right. The accessories and window moldings will really make this room pop! I am attending Fancy Flea in a few weeks with my partner in crime (Lucky Day Design Co.) so I am hoping to find a lot of great stuff for our house as well as for our shop!

I have a weakness for these pulls and lots of drawers. Oh, you too?

View from our near the leather chair. I am also on the hunt for a french door or older door to use for our sunroom out to our back patio. Oh, the searches… they never end!

Oh! And finally! If you follow on Facebook (here) you saw that I got new headshots for the blog and for my new real estate venture! Here's a few of my favorites below! I am always happy to hear from y'all so let me know what you think of everything and what you have found lately for your spaces!

Talk to y'all soon! XO

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