April 28, 2015

Crown Molding in the sunroom...

Wanted to quickly show y'all another update to our sun room. We have had crown molding sitting in our garage for what seems like forever... but I purchased it awhile back to add to as many rooms as possible! I just love how much it finishes off the space. There's a few more details planned for this space but we are doing them as cost and time will allow. I'm really into a simplistic style right now...

We added the crown to give the space a little bit more "umph". We still need to finish the board and batten underneath the windows and to the left there below. I have been thinking of changing the color in this room as well... but haven't had time to sit and decide what I want.

Maybe one day, I'll stop being so hard on myself and appreciate these rooms for what they are. Home.

April 8, 2015

Master Bedroom Progress

So, this room will be ever changing. There are some ideas I have in my head. And in a perfect world where money goes on trees and the days have no time limits and oh, we didn't need to sleep... maybe this room would be done. But ah, that's not the case! So, slowly, we are injecting "us" into this space. And I can't wait to show you another progression post about this room.

I've realized through blogging...and watching myself with others that it TRULY "doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." You should really enjoy your home. You should enjoy that $100 comforter and don't sweat it if the dog throws up on it. Or your big, fat lazy lab likes to sneak in and sleep on it getting black doggie hairs everywhere... 

My point is, things are meant to be used. And yes, these photos show a clean room. But you know what, this room is NOT clean all the time. We LIVE here. I think anyone who was going to post their photos in front of hundreds or thousands on the internet... would clean their house first, just saying. So, please remember before you get down on yourself about not having the perfect house, don't. NONE of us have a perfect house. All of us want to change things. All of us want a magazine worthy house. But for now, enjoy the house you're in. Just do me a favor and buy the freaking comforter!

So here's how the room somewhat started... Still love the windows. Still love the bead board wall. Definitely serves as a great focal point as soon as you walk through our bedroom door.

      I really didn't want to post the photo below because it's not a finished photo but what I wanted to show was not completion but progress. Progress shows in this not so pretty photo of somewhat where I was headed... and what I wanted this room to feel like.

And here's what it looked like this evening. I changed out the linen like "grain sack" stamped curtains (which are now available at Vintage Living Marketplace in the HBA room). I would like to sometime soon add window headers to the top of our windows for some extra umph. For some extra character and some extra...Ally :-) Get it yet? My husband...doesn't either ha!


Something I would love to do is to switch our dresser and nightstands. I really would love something a little more rustic. Not so much of the feminine lines or the white even. I'd like to see some rustic wood, some grey and cool tones maybe... but have yet to find any nightstands that may coordinate with a separate dresser. The search shall continue...


Hi Winston!

Source List:
Ticking Duvet Cover: Ikea
White Ruffled Comforter: Target
Tufted linen Headboard: Kirklands
Chunky rustic lamps: HomeGoods
Tall Photoframes: HomeGoods
White Curtains: Ikea
Chunky white throw: HomeGoods
Rustic wood framed quote sign: DIY by me! (Available soon at VLM)

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