December 16, 2018

King of Christmas Collaboration- Flocked Pencil tree

I can't believe it's been an entire year since I last wrote on this blog. There have many so many changes, progressions, setbacks and events I'd love to share. But for now, I just wanted to show y'all one of my Christmas trees for this year, alittle background about it and why I am in love with it! Generously enough, King of Christmas sent me this 9ft prince flock pencil tree this year to decorate! I've never had the privilege of owning a KOC tree but I have always heard just rave reviews about the company and their products. I will say that they did not disappoint. Although my shipment was alittle late and from what I understand, most people get their trees at lightning speeds... I am still just as impressed! In my previous years, I've owned (and still do) artificial trees from Walmart, our local Potterys and even some big box stores. Overall, they were just fine but there will always be reasons for the prices difference variations such as how many lights, LED or not, realistic branches, etc.

The branches were much fuller than I expected and probably had double the amount that I expected. I've never not ordered a pre-lit tree so this was a first for me. I think next year I will definitely order a pre-lit tree but it wasn't too bad stringing the lights myself. I just like a lot of light! All the branches were super easy to handle and maneuver into any place I wanted them to go. I especially love the 9 foot pencil compared to your average usually and expected 7.5 foot tree. We have 9ft ceilings at the lowest point in our main room so it was a no brainer to *at least* get a 9ft pencil here. I also knew that I wanted a pencil or slim tree because we have another 9ft tree not shown in the photos that is a beast of a tree I will show you another day!

Overall, I am super pleased with the entire experience. If you could please let King of Christmas know on their social media pages including Instagram and their Facebook pages that Home by Ally sent you, I will greatly appreciate it. I highly recommend you browse through their entire selection of wreaths, artificial trees and Christmas accessories for next year. It's never too early to start planning!

This guy seriously has the life. He loves to lay on anything warm and anything in the sunshine. The chair today with the windows open and the sun beaming in must have been a no brainer for him.

As you can see here, I placed the tree against my bright white board and batten along with a natural wood mirror, some fresh greens and more bright white moldings. The sled was my late grandmothers and most things on the tree have been purchased at after Christmas sales, the Target dollar spot, our local Pottery and even Walmart. 

There is truly nothing like the warm glow of a Christmas tree in the evenings. It's even more beautiful reflecting in the natural wood mirror at the brightest and darkest times of the day. I decided to use most natural elements for this tree since it is smaller in size. I kept with the whites, creams & natural wood with pops of greenery throughout. I've been over the Christmas tree skirts for a few years and have opted for Christmas tree collars. My favorites are always the woven & willow natural like ones.

I always say this corner is my corner. I can be found here a lot with the window open, our fur babies piled on me reading, searching Pinterest or just chatting with a friend. Home to me, especially after this past year, has been so important to just make a sanctuary and a place of rest. Not so much a place that always looks 100% perfect or has all the things done you would like but just comfortable. That's what I want home to be for me and for others who come into my home...

Old and new, go together to create this curated, natural look. I've also opted for just plain brown craft/ butcher paper for a couple years. It is so much easier and versatile when it comes to what themes you'd like to tie in. It goes with virtually any color and always is available! I will have some monster truck and tractor wrapping paper under the tree closer to Christmas too though :)

By using a lot of textures in this tree, I really felt it was interesting to look at first and foremost and very eye catching as soon as you walked into the room. Our new wall color is Agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams. The board and batten was a DIY by me as were the window mantles. I'll soon be tackling the fireplace hearth and tile after I complete spraying our new kitchen cabinets & laying our "reclaimed" like wood floor. There have been endless, endless projects but I am so excited to give y'all a peek into my home after many requests for so long. 

Thank you again to King of Christmas for graciously sending me this beautiful tree. I simply cannot wait to work together again in the future and I truly hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Please let me know what you think in the comments! I'd love to hear from y'all! 

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