February 12, 2012

Farmhouse Table

Hey y'all! (again)

I finally finished our farmhouse table! I love the way it turned out and got it without signing a major body part away! You can find where we got our table built...here. They were so reasonable and we had our benches & table back within a few weeks! I decided to just have them build it and I would customize it. I decided a deep stain on top with crisp white on the bottom. I like it! For now.

I wanted a rustic touch so the bolts were kept visible.

This amazing table seats 8 and 10 if we add captains chairs, which I might do in the future! I'm from a huge family and I LOVE having dinners together! Let me know what y'all think <3


Mrs. Schmidheiser

Hey strangers!

Hey everyone! I know I've been away for sometime now but I am back and have lots of blog posts to follow this one! Recently...we put in for BOP. In military terms, this means "base of preference." You only can try for this if you have never re-enlisted before or in other words, if you are a first term airmen. I am praying so very hard that we get it and we are praying that we get east coast, I'm secretly hoping for Charleston, SC. It's 5 hours from my original home...LOVE. We should know in the coming weeks...what will happen with us!

Ok! So...as many of you know, I'm not a fan of our house but it's free so who would turn down that? I'm a fan of clean, crisp new houses where you can add your own character...and have I mentioned before that I hate all this wood??!! Wood doors, wood floors, wood baseboards....ahhhhhh. Well I switched our living room around for some fun and wanted to show you! I don't love it but it's always FUN and refreshing to try something new. Have you tried something new in your house lately?

I've been searching HIGH AND LOW for someone to make me a few slipcovers.....I NEED them...hate the way this room looks. HATE. I see exactly what I want in my mind and it looks NOTHING like this!!!!!!

The couch is Broyhill, excellent bones so I don't want to get rid of it but I want it slipcovered. I hate those sticks in that vase and will probably be selling them along with our end tables. I'm just over them.

I'll be keeping my lamps because I sent them all the way from Maryland to here because I loved them that much! The curtains are too gold for me. I'm more natural.

Here's one of my favorite re-do pieces, ever. Chair. LOVE it. And it's gone through many different looks but ahhhh love it. And don't you LURVE our tv stand? I do too. Awesome. The baskets underneath the tv stand hold magazines and controllers. Can't wait to get a new house and start fresh!!!

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