March 11, 2016

Alittle update on me, our house & the sale


I wanted to quickly write on here because so many of you have been following along wondering about how things are going, when my next sale will be and what is new with our little house!

Let me first begin with saying that like always, I tend to stay 110% busy- full speed ahead! Lately, it's been somewhat the opposite… After some personal things happened, unexpected bills & sicknesses, I've been laying low being a home body. And it's been nice! I've been purging, going through things, getting inspired in new ways and just getting some "me" time. Which was apparently much needed. I really encourage all of y'all to put the phone down for 10 minutes. Sit at your table & eat a meal. Take a bubble bath. Leave the phone inside & go OUTSIDE. Enjoy the sunshine. Go to bed early. Laugh at the chaos. You'll be so glad you did.

I'll start with the day we moved in. The walls were a very pale yellow with a hint of cream in them. It was fine but we definitely were already thinking of going in a different direction. I wanted those cove ceilings to pop and really accent the beautiful hardwoods. All of our trim & the ceilings included all seemed to either not been painted in years or were all painted an antique white. I'm a bright white trim kinda gal so I definitely had a long to-do list ahead of me when we moved.

I can't believe I even watermarked the image below but this was a week or so maybe into moving I believe? Everything was EVERYWHERE but hey, that's real life.

All cleaned out below when I was headed in a different direction for the front room. Although it appears to be narrow (which not saying it isn't…) it is actually has a very wide open floor plan which makes it feel much larger than it actually is. 

Pre-board & batten above and then below you can see our Christmas entryway. You can see that blog post by clicking here. That was a fun little project to do but now my brain has been wandering...

And here's your most recent shot below, today. This morning to be exact.

Off subject, look at that cute little cupboard! I have big plans for that sweetie pie. We've had our windows open for awhile now and that's one of my favorite things is feeling the wind on a nice day like today. Beautiful outside, sunny… can't really complain too much!

About a week or so ago, I took it upon myself to step up and prioritize my projects. I'm definitely guilty of getting ahead of myself and then I wonder how I wind up with like 100 projects that are not finished. I told myself I was going to give the entire front room a fresh coat of Oatlands Subtle Taupe by Valspar (My go to "greige", comparable to Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore but not as costly.) I also wanted to give all baseboards a deep clean, finish the shoe molding around the entire space, give all baseboards a couple coats of new, fresh bright white paint as well as the window openings, door & even our adorable cove ceilings. So…what was I thinking?! Just kidding. Y'all, I got it all accomplished believe it or not. And these pictures prove it! It definitely feels great in this front room, very light and airy and comfortable. My goal for our home has always been comfort and the feeling of being welcomed. I don't care for fussy decor, bright & distracting colors or lots of clutter. I want our home to tell the story of us…and become ours. I wanted it to be our safe place, the place everyone feels comfortable, the place where folks are always welcome and friends are always close. 

Sometimes I get really upset/frustrated because when I say we decorate and do our home on a budget just like everyone else, I mean that. Although I have nothing against folks who can order from Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs or Restoration Hardware and get your room "accomplished" in a matter of days… we don't really have that luxury to be able to financial spend at that caliber… although I would enjoy it for one day I'm sure ;-) I am constantly stalking Craigslist, I have definitely taken things right out of the trash or off the curb & I've repurposed items or thrifted them for our home to feel collected, unique but to give us the look I wanted…for hopefully a fraction of the cost.

I can't wait to show y'all more. And my plans for the space. Now, about my next sale. On account of  many personal things that were unforeseen this month, I won't be having my sale in March. However, I AM planning to have one in April. We are currently working out the logistics of a location for this sale! Y'all will be the first to know when we do have that date and I can't wait to interact with all of y'all and show you my unique, finds that are perfect for your unique home. Thank y'all for the support, it means the world. Remember to follow on Instagram & Facebook if you want some peeks into our daily life. 

And most importantly, make home yours. And remember you are always welcome here.

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