July 23, 2013

New art, shabby cabinet for sale and a new mirror & lamps

Probably the longest title ever for a blog post. Oh well. For those of you who were wondering, my sale went very well. We only had a few large items left which I anticipated from the beginning that we would not sell. Two antique dressers and an antique Duncan Phyfe buffet. If you're interested, there are going to be pictures going up very soon on Home by Ally on Facebook.

So let me start by saying that Milo says hello! He is getting so big and is such a little ham!

First up would be my gorgeous new lamps that I found at our TjMaxx. I've been eyeing lamps like this FOREVER at Pottery Barn, the ones at Target and other stores but they were TOO pricey for my liking and usually JUST for the bases! These came with the shades for half the price! Although I have to say that the lamp shades were a burlap fabric type shade that I thought didn't do anything for the lamps so I added these cream linen shades that I had laying around. 

Here's an up close view. I'm all about greenery and bringing color in through natural elements so you'll see a lot of faux plants in our home. I think they add a great little punch of color.

I also went to Hobby Lobby when they had their knobs for 50% off and scooped up 3 new ones for the TV stand. I'm really sad that I heard that they are not doing the 50% knobs anymore. These really helps out most of us who do DIY projects or furniture...sad day for me :-( I needed a change to the regular old silver ones. This cost me under $10 to update the whole TV stand. A cute little idea if you don't want a new TV stand but just kinda wanna give yours a facelift.

If you have been following me for awhile, you may also know that I have a "slight" obsession with boxwoods. And there's no exception with these boxwood topiaries. I adore them and flanked them on either side of our TV in our living room. I had smaller plants on either side but we really needed something with height to make a great impression on the eye.

Here's a better photo. I'm really digging the change. I've been searching for a piece of architectural salvage to hang above our TV for some time now but no luck yet :(

Oh! And here's my update on my apothecary dresser that I painted a warm sage green! I finally got all the knobs from Hobby Lobby while I was home in North Carolina! I adore this little piece and I was so lucky to find it. And no, I'm really not ready to sell it yet ;-)

Here's a view walking from the dining room near our patio door. My antique mahogany rocker that I painted a warm beige and slightly distressed. I adore that chair and couldn't bring myself to sell it at my first sale here in Florida. For now, it sits in our living room but I would love to find a nice padded chair or a nice, cute pillow to go in it. Still on the hunt.

Quickly, I threw a pillow from the couch on the chair. I still would LOVE to find new pillows for my couch more of my "style" but these paisley ones do the trick for now. Pillows are such an easy change and it's nice to have a few different selections for when you feel the urge to change things up.

Ok so... my shabby cabinet from circa 1900's the guy said? It is the base to an old cupboard that came out of an Florida or Georgia home. The paint is all original. I added the nice and rustic pulls and the planked wood top. And guess what, these hunky piece of wood is for sale. Please email me through the contact me tab if you are interested. It is for local pickup only and truly a statement piece. Years and years of paint on this beauty and just a lovely addition to any home.

Here's a few at all of the chippy goodness.

And a close up of the paint.

Interior doors are in a cream color while the shelving varies from aquas, greens and raw woods.

Original hardware on the cabinet doors.

OH! And I purchased this mirror at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I thought the lines were beautiful but the red/black were not me but I bought it anyways. I'm going to paint it white and hang it in our entryway if I can ever get to it. 

For now, I wanted to share some new things with you in our home. First up are these vintage drawings from Clayton, Georgia circa 1975. I snatched them up at a thrift store and knew the perfect place for them. I've been searching for little things for our home like this every time I go out so let's just say I was super excited when I found these beauties today! And what makes it even better is the bottom print is a print of a old store called Alley's Grocery. They got the spelling wrong but I thought it was pretty neat.

I love the grouping so much and it reminds me of a mini gallery wall. The warm wood compliments the beige on the walls so well. It also goes well with my antiques and collectibles I have in the space.

That's it for now. What are your latest finds? I'm sure we'll talk soon.

July 17, 2013

Antique Entryway Table Reveal & Before and After

It's all in the details. And there's no exception with this beautiful antique that I scored here in Florida. Have I admitted to y'all that I have a problem with buying these things... for my sale. But then when I finish them... well... I wanna keep them. Oh sigh... why can't we all just live in mansions and have money trees. Lord, the world would be so different, wouldn't it? Actually a scary thought.

So back to this beautiful table. My hubby went and picked this beauty up for me while I was visiting in North Carolina. It was missing the bottom to the drawer and had a lot of scratches. I know I hear a lot that I shouldn't paint this or that because they are pretty "as is" and that is very true. This was a very pretty antique as is but I felt like those beautiful details needed to shine! Heres' the before below. 

Ok... I have to admit. I adore this piece. And I'm going to be really sad to see it go. The color is by Valspar called "Light French Grey." Be still my heart. Everything in the photo I love. The boxwood topiary I adore. And I just picked up the faux bird cage type thingy with the claw foot legs. LOVE.
I've been contemplating painting the mirror. Or just selling it at the sale. What do you think of it?

I tried something different with the top of this entryway table. I used a variation of a couple of different types of stains to get a worn, been through decades look. And I kinda like it. Some people might not and that's ok. Because I do and that's all that matters, right? You can see the sweet scalloped edges in the photo below along with the elegant details along each curved legs. I choose white against the grey which work beautifully together. I just can't stop swooning over this piece!

Here's a better shot of the details. I mean seriously, you WANT to highlight those! Come on! Amazing. I just love it. What do you think of it? Do you love the grey and my signature stained top? I'm really satisfied with this piece and I cannot wait to hear what people think of it at my big sale this weekend. Which, did I mention that I am starting to get nervous? I do every time. It's an Ally thing.

So, let's recap. Here's the before again below.

And let out a sigh of relief because here is the after. For now, I have to go work on the rest of the furniture I have for the sale. But I do have to tell you that this sale will be bigger than the last 2. I have a lot more items along with furniture I feel like anyways. And I think things will go well. At least I hope they do! Are you going to be able to make it? I hope so! I cannot wait to see and meet everyone!

Tootles & XO


July 1, 2013

Ornate wood dresser before and after

Today I wanted to reveal to you this dresser. You see, I was in love with this dresser when I got it. Like totally excited, screech a little in love. I have been so torn on whether I want to keep this beauty or not... I even made my hubby carry it all the way up our stairs into our guest bedroom. And I've let it sit a few days to see if I really wanna keep it or not. And I tell you, I STILL don't know! I've had a lot of compliments on it already so I figure if I can get an offer I can't refuse at my sale, I'll probably sell it but if not, it's meant for me to keep her. She is just beautiful right? But wait until you see the after....

And here's the AFTER...

I know a lot of you were saying on Home by Ally Facebook page that I didn't need to paint it. And truth be told, I wasn't going to until I arrived back in Florida and realized she needed a pick me up because she wasn't in the greatest condition, wood wise. 

I adore all the ornate carved wood. I accented the drawers by painting the details white. I still wanna do one more coat of white to really make it pop. I opted for crystal knobs to keep the style simple but elegant. I could see this adorably sweet dresser in a nursery, little girls room or entryway even. I am just loving it. Especially the fat donut style feet and original casters. I also kept the top the original color along with the mirror. I couldn't bare to paint the whole thing and I wanted it to keep some character.

Whom ever gets this beauty is a really lucky person. I just love it and it has got to be one of my favorite pieces to date by far. I won't lie... painting those details took a LONG time and took a toll on my poor little hand but boy was the result worth it! I think the knobs just finish it off so well.

Hi, that's me! I wanted to show you the beautiful blonde wood on the top and around the mirror. The mirror is overall is in good condition but does show some wear. Overall, this is just a beautiful and old piece of furniture! And yes, it will be put out at my sale. I'm excited to see your responses about it!

What have y'all been up to lately?


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