May 15, 2014

DIY Open Shelving

So, many of you may know, especially if you have spoken to me locally or followed along for awhile that I have a plan for our kitchen. It is the cutest little kitchen, just big enough and has a lot more space than I think most people realize... I checked off one of the things on my to do list before I left on vacation. Open shelving of course! I'm searching for the correct photo of this wall we have near this bank of cabinets. They left it open I'm assuming because they thought it might be crowded if they did add a full wall... but my decision was that I wanted something to display my dishes, towels and anything else for the kitchen. For some reason I cannot upload the BEFORE photos so I will add them later.. for y'all and hopefully you will check back!

I opted for these iron brackets from Hobby Lobby.  They are the smaller version and were $3.50 each after receiving 50% each since they were on sale. I already had the wood in the garage so that was FREE... gotta love when that happens! Total, this project cost me less than $25.00 since I had most of the supplies already on hand including the drill, anchors and screws, etc.

I'm really loving how much they break up this wall. I plan to do white dishes stacked and any other items that may be functional for me to have open. I simply measured how far I wanted the brackets to be and measured how long I wanted each shelf to be. I marked a dot where I needed to drill each hole for each bracket and got to work! This project probably took me about an hour to fully complete.

I did opt to purchase the smaller version of our old canisters for this house. They are from Walmart and I believe are under $10 each. We also installed puck under cabinet lighting. It really looks great at night and even has a remote with a dimmer! The lights are all LED and they are awesome!

I quickly added some layers to these shelves just to give y'all an idea of what you can use in open shelving, virtually anything! Like I said before, I will do my white dishes and well as linens and probably some fresh fruit weekly. I love the warmth of the stained wood tops with the black brackets!

Over all I am very satisfied with the look! Next up will be painting our kitchen cabinets. I am excited about the progress of this room and hope that y'all like this as well. If you like any of the images, feel free to hover over your favorites and pin them to your Pinterest accounts.

May 13, 2014

DIY knock off Ballard Designs flower pot urns

Just wanted to write a quick post today...So I've been slowing working on our back patio as well as many other things for our home. Being from the south, I enjoy pretty much everything certain. In my opinion, a staple for a southern front porch is rocking chairs, ferns and flowers. Lots of curb appeal. I've had ferns since our last rental but I used our old urns for either side of our garage door. You can find the post about our exterior makeover of our home by clicking here!

This left me without urns for my back patio and with two extra large ferns. So, what's a girl to do? Well I took myself back to Lowes but unfortunately, I don't think they carry my $20 concrete urns anymore so I had to improvise. I browsed the internet for inspiration and knew in my head what I wanted. Something with a classic, traditional look that could still make a statement and have some height so it would not be over powered by my large and in charge ferns.

Insert Ballard Designs and their Grecian urn. At $179.00 for the large urn and I would need two, it just was not in my budget. But I really did like the look... so I kept my eye out. And came across these two at our local Dollar General for $8 each! Yes! The before is on the left. I used a $1.00 gloss black spray paint from Lowes and got started!

Here's the after:

And just to show y'all, I also added two hanging ferns to our back patio as well. They were also purchased at Lowes and each hang from a hook. I'm having a lot of fun working back here and currently am trying to either 1. find a new patio set, 2. decide if I want to build a farmhouse table or 3. both. I can't wait to show y'all more progress as we make it.

If you enjoyed this project or want to remember it for a project of your own, hover over each image and pin to your personal Pinterest! Hope you love it as much as I do...

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