February 14, 2015

Master Bedroom- Updates and the things that have changed...

Tonight, I get my husband back after him being away for some training! What a great Valentines gift, am I right? So, naturally, I've been cleaning and tidying up the house. I've had an urge lately to change a few elements in our bedroom and I wanted to let y'all in on the direction I think I am going…

If you remember, I shared our master bedroom reveal back in September. You can find the original post here. I loved the direction that it was heading but I knew there were a few things in the room that were "temporary." So, insert…a few months later and my wheels have been turning!

Here's back in September 2014.

And today, February 2015. Not too much has changed…and the lighting is a little different because these photos were taken at different times of the day. But we got new larger scale lamps,  we've added a few different accessories and I'm on the hunt for some linen/feed sack pillows...

And here's the view of our large window, master bathroom is inside that little white door.

And today. We also got new "linen/feedsack" like reproduction curtains. I love the faint writing on them…and especially love the length. I'm a fan of the puddling. We also added some old porch railings that had been taken apart to create a "pediment" look above the window. Eventually, we'd like to do window mantels above every window…but not sure when that will happen.

The old windows are currently sitting in the guest bedroom & my plan is to strip them down to the natural wood. I'm not sure if they will go back in here because I'm craving something else. 

As you can see, Little is quite the fan of the camera. He is so cute, right?

I made the "Ruth" sign myself and am definitely a fan of that look for signs in general. I plan on making a few more for our house also. 

I noticed after awhile this dresser is a catch all…and so right now, it's pretty basic, not really accessorized. I'm finding more and more…that I like simple. I like things that have a purpose. And I really don't like things that sit to look pretty anymore.. at least most things.

And here's a close up of the new lamps. I've been researching about how to create my own lamps out of architectural salvage…for something a bit different but spotted these at our local HomeGoods and really loved their size, color, shape & all around feel. They are rustic yet fresh, clean and simple.

Have you been working on a project lately? We're tackling lots as we speak so I can't wait to blog about all the changes in our home! Happy Valentines everyone!

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