January 22, 2014

The quest for a new dining table & some of my favorites in the search

If you have followed for awhile, you probably know I change things a lot. How about that! So since we purchased our home, I actually have thought more than once about selling the popular and beloved trestle table of mine! I really need to take new photos of it because I purchased slipcovers after we moved in which I loved as well. The table is awesome with a farmhouse style top, adorable almost french style legs and a double trestle base. Seats 6-8 comfortably and would come with 4 chairs as well as the bench. Oh and did I mention that in the photos, the leafs are out but they actually hide under each side. Pretty cute if you ask me and pretty handy as well! If you're interested in hearing more about it, email me and we can talk. I haen't decided a price yet and I'm not even sure if I want to sell right this second but I guess if I received a reasonable offer that I couldn't refuse, I might consider it. Here's a few below just for you to get a general idea.

I'm really craving a nice round table with a chunky base and I hope to find that it has a rustic finish. I want to pair it with slipcovered chairs and a new chandelier that I've yet to order. So let me show you some inspiration photos while I've been on the hunt.

I started with Ballard Designs and ultimately loved the Andrews Pedestal Dining Table which comes in 48" and 60". You can read more about it here but it may or may not be out of my budget. My husband will probably say I have a budget but in my head, I just want to find something second hand and transform it. Those makeovers are so much better anyways right? Wrong. I love new stuff too. Ha!

I also checked Restoration Hardware. Now people, let me go ahead and get one thing straight… I laughed because someone asked me this one time. Just because you blog… does not mean you have money. Ok, there I said it! Ha! But at the same time, I do know bloggers who do things "on a budget" who do have considerable incomes and I just kinda laugh and sigh… if they only knew what my budget was ;-) Hah! Ok! So back to the table, this is a pedestal salvaged wood round table that you can find more information about here. I thought about checking the outlet store to see if it was any cheaper but most likely, this one will just look pretty on my computer screen because it's out of my pretend budget. Ok? Unless you can make this for me. Then we can be friends.

Let's be honest. I really am not sure what I am wanting. Because when I want on Paula Deen Home… I spotted this lovely. But once again, who am I kidding?! Just kidding, it's too long for our space. But it looks so pretty in my pretend house in my mind. You can find the River House Dining Table from Paula Deen by clicking here.

And I loveeeeee this one too. But then I can't do my slipcovered chairs. Well, I could. I could just spend a little more and get linen slipcovered chairs… Oh, now my brain is going. Find this one here.

Clearly, I have expensive taste. Love this table from Overstock that you can find here and I have to say I actually love everything about the room except for the rug. The chairs are gorgeous and that chandelier is to die for… but too much for me.

I've become a huge fan of Joss and Main. If you haven't heard about it, it's basically a website that brings you amazing finds including furniture, decor and other things for your home at a seriously discounted price. I keep watching every collection for my perfect dining room table. Maybe one day I will get to curate a collection for them. If you haven't ever heard of Joss And Main, email me and I will send you an invite! You will love it!

I'm going to head off to do something productive and think about my very expensive taste. I like to think that it is something to be proud of. My husband doesn't agree. :)

New windows in the sunroom and decorating around the tv

I don't know about y'all but I just love boxwoods. Something about them in rooms makes it feel fresh, inviting, calm and adds a nice pop of color! I knew I wanted something with a little bit of height but that was slim line and skinny for either side of our new tv stand. Originally, I was going to use my gates that I had back in the dining room of the old rental house. To see the home tour of our old rental, just click here. Well I posted the gates for sale on my Facebook page but they are available right now for $150 for the pair. Here's a photo of them below. I also was going to post our old Ikea coffee table and end table set but they sold within a few hours of me putting them on Craigslist which is always a blessing. They were a cute set and I hope they work for the next person as much as they worked for us.

Onto new things though… So, I purchased two matching 8 pane windows from Rennigers Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Florida last week. I went with a few friends, Heather from Pineapple Avenue and Dawn, from Lucky Day Design Co. I had a ton of fun and we found A LOT of great things! I actually thought that I would be the one to break the bank but we all did really well and mostly got things to sell and transform for y'all so please, feel lucky right about now ;-)

Since we moved into our home, I've been craving a house that I've dreamt of. I'm just "over" keeping stuff that I don't really love. So if you're local, you may have noticed that I have been purging. A LOT. I used to have decor closets that I could go to and switch things out. Well, my decor stash is down to a mere little pile and I am proud to say that. The things that are in your home should reflect you. They should reflect a memory you love and don't want to forget. Or someone you love dearly. I don't want to keep stuff just because I got it on clearance or because I may use it "someday." If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you probably are not going to use it period. And y'all, let me tell you first hand how rewarding and FREEING that it was to purge. I feel so much better already and I am starting to slowly love my home as I've been slowly adding things that speak to me, things that I love…and am crazy about… you should try it sometime. It really is good for the soul.

I fell head over heels in love with the tv stand as soon as I saw it. My favorite part are the middle drawers and the cupped hardware. Drooling over here. The window were raw wood so I painted them a matte black. I've always loved black in interior design as it is a nod to traditional design. I'd like to think I'm traditional meets cottage meets farmhouse. Ya like that don't you?

I added my signature boxwoods…and of course love them. I hung each wreath with one inch thick burlap ribbon that I found at GoodWill for two huge rolls! I love the contrast of the window against the wall, the wreath against the window and the burlap against the black.

Here's a view looking directly in front of the tv stand. As I mentioned before, since I purged, I no longer can go find whatever is in the guest bedroom to fill my tv stand so slowly, I will fill it with things I love. I'm on the hunt for some baskets for the lower half though to hold games, toys, etc.

Oh and in case you are wondering…and I know y'all will appreciate my awesome photoshop skills below! I do have a plan for something about the tv. Originally I thought of doing a small plate wall and using plates that I could customize with quotes or something true to me. Now, I am thinking I am going to make a custom pediment to go above it trimmed out at the top. Something to the shape that I tried to draw in photoshop. I'd like it to say something short, sweet and something that makes me smile every time I look at it. The only thing I keep thinking for it to say is "Life is Good" in cursive or another language. Simple enough right?

I also might add a plate above each window or a piece of architectural salvage. Each needs some more interest since it's such straight lines…but still digging the look. I cannot wait to install crown molding in here later down the road. Crown molding finishes everything off in my opinion...

Just wanted to show y'all this quick update. I've been going through clothes for the past few days to list on Ebay. If you know me personally, you would be so proud of all that I have gotten rid of, donated and sold. A couple of weeks back, I took 4 different SUV loads to a thrift store to donate. Talk about feeling good about yourself, right and helping others… it really is the best feeling.

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January 15, 2014

My everyday, new things around the house & a peek at the market setup

Home by Ally teamed up once again with Lucky Day Design Co. this past weekend and we participated in our first "show" here in Florida called the "Vintage Market." It was loads of fun and we got the opportunity to meet amazing vendors and people along the way! We were so busy though I only had time to snap a few photos which are not the greatest but I hope you get the idea.

I was really proud of our space! I thought that it looked lovely but as Friday morning rolled around, we were blessed enough to sell out a lot of things on Friday! And had to bring stuff from home on Saturday! God is so good… But besides that, they are hoping to do another market in July so y'all will have to mark your calendars for us because I'm sure that we will participate again!

Today has been a sort of dreary day so Dawn and I headed to the antique mall and bought a few pieces of furniture for our booth because we were SOLD OUT by the time the market ended! We were and are so proud! And we wanted to thank everyone from the bottoms' of our hearts who came out and supported us! Y'all just do not know what it means to us!

At the market, I bought these printed drop cloth pieces of fabric that I think would be beautiful for pillow fronts. I wanted to get more of them but another lady snatched them up as I was looking. That's what I get for being indecisive, I suppose.

If you haven't met Dawn from Lucky Day Design Co, go give her a "like" on her Facebook page here. She is the queen of providing unique handmade goods and I really cherish her as a friend these days. She left me this rocker on my front porch the other day and texted me saying a "surprise" was waiting for me. Leave it to me to have an old, chippy rocker make my heart skip a beat. 

For the past two days, I've been very low-key and just took some time to relax at our house, enjoy our puppies and just take a breather. Lord knows I need it because I'm going 24/7 but I also like to stay  busy. I wanted to snap a few photos of some things around the house I might not have shown y'all yet. Above is a gift I received from a dear friend of our families'! She HANDMADE this! Isn't it incredible? I love it! I have it on "show case" as soon as you walk into the house :) Thank you Linda!

I've been really trying to find myself again the past few months and more than that, find what I want out of our home. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in making everything pretty, having everything be perfect and getting upset over the dumbest of things that you don't take time for the little things.

Hints my damaged Dear Foam slippers that are oh so comfy that little dog chewed the second week we brought him home. I look down and think of him every time I put them on.

Or watching our little doxies look out our big front window and bark at every person, thing, animal and noise in site. Please don't tell them that they are not even a foot tall. They probably wouldn't know better anyways since they fear nothing!

I'm really enjoying my new boxwood wreath which measures at 22 inches wide in our sunroom. I'm not sure if this is it's permanent place but for now, I am loving the fresh pop of green against all of the windows. Greenery freshens up any room and we used it a lot in our booth at the vintage market.

If you follow me on Facebook (HERE) you will occasionally see that I post some items for sale there. At some point in time, I will be selling our set of Ikea end tables & coffee table as well as an England (LazBoy) sofa set with coordinating chair & ottoman. There will be others things for sale as well but I am still working on a few things before I can sell them. Question to y'all is would you rather me make a post of everything I'm selling or just post to Facebook. I really would rather not have another sale at my house because this time around, I'd like to keep "our home" as private as possible. 

The set is well loved and has been good to us over the past few years but does show some wear and tear so the price will reflect that. And if you know anyone looking for a nice looking for a great couch/chair & ottoman set, ours is a couple of years old, very well kept with no stains or holes. And being super comfortable helps as well ;-)

And as I turned to put my camera down, I look at my favorite pillow I have and thought I'd share with y'all….what a great reminder this is to see everyday.

Until next time...

January 8, 2014

Sneak peek of Home by Ally at the Vintage Market

I just thought I'd snap some photos of some things while I had a spare minute today to show y'all some sneak peeks. We have SO much inventory, it is amazing and crazy! Anything for your home decor, vintage, handmade, antique and painted furniture needs…come to our booth! So below you'll find the flyer if you're a local, the address and times…and some sneak peeks! There will be 17 vendors total and almost 200 people have already RSVPED to the event on Facebook! I think it'll be a big hit and everyone is bound to leave with some treasure for themselves, I am sure of it!

We have a few subway art adorable signs, a few clay & resin pots & mini urns, adorable rustic wire baskets…about 4 dressers, an adorable vanity, a 6ft harvest table, my coveted light moss green shutter door buffet/console and other misc decor I'll try to list as we go through all the photos….Like I said, you REALLY don't wanna miss out!

Here's another adorable dresser. French provincial style with 4 drawers in bright white and distressed, simple and elegant. Darling little dresser. 

Love these starfish! They will be available in all different sizes as well as some beachy decor and subway art to go along with the beach theme as well.

Moss balls make great accents as well as boxwood balls in these mini petite urns.

I love this little sign! I almost kept it for myself! Still might!

I found this adorable handmade rocking chair just today and I still haven't decided if I want to paint him or not…. they are adorable in any living space and are quite functional obviously as well.

Here's another vintage scale that I have and behind it lies one of two available half moon metal window frames. They look amazing above windows or door frames… or a crest for above photos.

Lots and lots of masons, mostly older styles with zinc and glass tops and of course we have tons of that lovely aqua blue as well! 

Here's a vintage tray and my painted antlers I'll probably stick at the sale.

We'll have my pair of shabby lamps with linen shades that I will finally be parting with. I may or may not have another beige shabby lamp with a burlap shade that I will be putting as well...

I have a large boxwood wreath, two mediums and two smalls available at the sale as well as a few mirrors and wall art and hand painted signs. I also do have that medallion and a few other things that are great wall decor for anyones home!

We also have quite a few different styles of metal baskets…these below each have a serious of numbers that go from 1-2-3. They are ADORABLE in a row and are also perfect for kids rooms.

We also will have an XL metal basket that is perfect to pile blankets in or for a large collection of children's toys or anything of that nature. Right now, I have a TON of old/antique table legs that are perfect for your DIY projects or just to display! Look at that chippy goodness.

And I'll be selling this chandelier below. It is made to look old world style with an elegant touch. Brand new, only hung once and I decided I wanted something different. It's originally from World Market and if it doesn't sell, I may try to take it back and see if they will do an exchange...

So stay tuned by giving us a like on our Facebook page by clicking here! I've been posting sneak peeks  and I probably haven't even showed you a 3rd of what we'll have! I'm definitely going to bring my camera to snap photos of our space… and other vendors to share with y'all! But just in case, I am busy which I probably will be, I'd be happy if our readers shared their photos as well!
Hope to see everyone there!

January 6, 2014

New TV stand

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have known that we got a new piece of furniture that I just adore. And it was not really planned. So let me just quickly tell you I had this amazing idea in my head of having a fireplace below on the wall where we keep our tv. So, we went to Lowes and found pre-fab mantles on clearance and I figured we'd build our own built in's on either side. Problem was um… we don't have a fireplace and we're in Florida. So, long story short… it looked cheap to me as far as the faux logs go and that whole thing, so we returned everything. Enter going shopping with a dear friend who I love so much already… and enjoy our NEW tv stand!

Here's the BEFORE photo when we were trying out the pre-fab pieces for the mantle. They were pretty and I'm sure that would have looked ok but I just didn't really like the look ultimately of a "faux" fireplace and thinking about resale later on, I nixed the idea pretty quickly.

Below was the first thing that caught my eye about the tv stand. Some of it has mimicked a few tv stands that we have had in the past but if I were to build one in my head, it would look almost exactly like this one. I saw it and let out the "gasp" and knew I had to have it. In case you didn't know, that's how I know I REALLY love something and have to have it.

It has a beautiful antique white finish with black pulls, window style glass doors and is constructed of solid wood which was a definite plus because I wanted this to really last us and looked at it as an investment. I love all the drawers so, so much. I just love everything about it, let's be honest. It's just that pretty. Haha! We don't know if we plan on hanging the tv on the wall later or not…. but there will be plenty of time to decide that. I haven't even decorated inside the cabinets yet, I just stuck two boxwood topiaries on either side of the tv and called it a day!

I wanted to bring more natural textures and warmth into our space so I bought an XL basket from TJMaxx that looks very similar to the ones at Target that I always look at except this one was bigger AND cheaper! Score! Winston, (Our oldest wiener dog) has already claimed it as his napping place. I knew that would happen when I bought it so I didn't feel one bit guilty. I love this little space in the picture below. So simple but nice and refreshing. 

I still would like to get a new rug for this room and it needs to be at least an 8x10. I loved my Ikea Jute Rug in the last house that we had under the dining room table. I still may go get another because I'm using our old one under our covered patio for our future built farmhouse table out there.

Oh! And I've had this mirror for quite some time. In our old rental house, it hung over the couch in the living room until we moved out. It' s very large, about 2'x3' so it's definitely a statement piece. On a whim, I brought it in the sunroom because I was going to sell it at the market that I'm doing this weekend but I actually love it where I hung it so that's where it will stay for now.

Overall, I am so happy that we got the tv stand. I wasn't really looking for one but I just say that she found me ;-) What do you think of it? I'm just thrilled and will keep y'all updated as I decorate it and the sunroom as well as other rooms more. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a few sneak peeks of the market items that I'll be bringing! 

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