June 26, 2013

Updated Glass Canisters & Source List

I'm really bad about posting all the updates and decor things that I do with my home. I'm trying to get better about that. Enter my kitchen canisters. I think for that being a very small part of my kitchen, that is one of the top 3 things that I get asked about when I have people over or put up photos of my kitchen. So, I thought I'd quickly do a post about them and the labels and a source list for both.

They all have been with me for a couple of years now or at least when we got our first apartment in North Dakota. Now I see them everywhere in magazines, other bloggers homes, etc. So that makes me feel good! I was one of the first... hehe!

You can find my canisters at Target or Walmart from what I have seen. Although they both look identical, Walmart is actually a couple of bucks cheaper so that's where I bought mine. They do not seal and are all glass. I was scared about putting flour, sugar and noodles in my canisters but so far, I have no complaints and they have been wonderful. I switch out the noodle canister on occasion for tea bags, noodles and/or anything I can find to fill it with. If you want the links to the canisters online, you can find them below. Simply click which one you would like to visit :-)

Walmart Canisters
Target Canisters

As far as the chalkboard labels, I was going to buy some Martha Stewart ones from Michaels. And they are available and if you can find a coupon, you can probably get them for a decent price! But I took an alternate route. I have to go ahead and admit... I'm slightly addicted to Ebay. Here's the link below to the chalkboard labels. The seller is super accommodating and has tons of shapes and designs to choose from! If you get a chance, tell them that Home by Ally sent ya over!

Ebay Chalkboard Labels

Oh...and just for giggles since I get a lot of comments like "How do you keep your house so clean?" and "You must not have kids." And oh, let's not forget... "Your house is never messy." Ah. Here's a keeping it real picture. Cooking noodles for my shrimp salad while also cooking homemade french fries all while reading the newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens and drinking a Coke! Ha! Not that I think this is a mess.. but I do want to make it clear that we do "live" here. And it's not always perfect.

Now I'm craving another Coke. Dang it!


June 25, 2013

Patriotic Front Porch

Today I went to Lowes on a mission. A mission for our front porch. Enter these urns from Lowes.  They were these basic grey urns that I loved. And man, were they heavy. I had some cheaper black plastic ones before but the height of those just was not cutting it. So, here's a view from Instagram {@homebyally} of the BEFORE/AFTER of these urns. To me, they were basic when I saw them but the price was right on at under $20 each. I grabbed some cheap black gloss spray paint and took em' home along with some pretty green ferns to put in each along with two small American Flags. 

So here's the view from the front yard looking directly onto the front porch. 


I found the small half moon damask outdoor rug at Ross for only $6.99 so I had to snatch it up. I actually would like to have a 3x5 out there with some sort of patterns to bring some interest to the entry.

I always forget the names of these flowers but I love them! I bought this hanging basket and hook from Lowes... and have it hanging on one of two palm trees in my front yard. 

I also had to sadly take out the hydrangeas. They just were not having it here in Florida and since these area of our front yard only gets shade for a few hours a day, they were burning up. I do plan on putting something there too as you can see with the flowers that haven't bloomed yet in the pots on the ground.

We also added an American Flag along with a solar powered light to illuminate the flag at night. If you ever have the chance, brush up on your flag code from the United States. It's pretty interesting to read all the rules, etc. and I'm much more informed now. PS-- If you plan to hang your flag 24 hours a day, at night all night... you flag must be illuminated. 

I adore these mini American Flags in my freshly painted black urns. They are both filled with huge ferns I bought from Lowes too. I just love the contrast and the simplicity of the look. Oh and before I forget... I stole this idea from my mom. Because that is ok. There mom. I know she is smiling reading this. Haha, if y'all didn't know, my mom is the cutest little blonde southern woman. Hi, mom!

Here's the doormat I was telling you about earlier. And my little piggies. 

These flowers sit beside my hibiscus flowers that are towering so quickly! I love walking up and seeing these basically flowing over the sidewalk to the front door....

I'm telling you I went crazy at Lowes the other day. Funny story. Let me tell you. I had a really cute chevron garden flag with a monogramed "S" on it for our last name. Well a lot of you knew that I was visiting North Carolina. I just recently made it back to Florida and noticed my cute little chevron flag was gone...hubby said it blew away :-( Bummer, right? So I bought this cute black "Welcome" one from Lowes... only to get home and randomly find my cute chevron one stuffed behind my work bench covered in stain! I had to laugh because I knew exactly who did it! I confronted my hubby and he just laughed and said he put it on my work bench to avoid it blowing away... accidentally spilled stain on it... because he was staining my birdhouse. Could I really be mad at him? Hint, I laughed too.

Love these hooks from Lowes to hang these beautiful flowers.

God Bless America.

Oh! And here's Mr. Squirrel above. We have quite a few Mr. Squirrels though. I can't help but feed them :O But I will not be responsible for any obese squirrels :-)

And here's a view from the end of our driveway. I am really enjoying the small changes. And it feels so much more simple and inviting now. Sometimes LESS is MORE.

June 12, 2013

Giveaway winner announcement!

Here's a short post on the winner of the giveaway. Please contact League of Letters through their Etsy or Facebook to claim your prize.

Congratulations to #2005 entry, Jessica Williams Hill! Thank you to everyone who participated! Jessica, please email League of Letters to claim your prize and congratulations again! Thank you to League of Letters for sponsoring this giveaway.


June 4, 2013

FREE Monogram Giveaway!


If you have been on Pinterest lately or visited any southern home, you'll bound to see a monogram somewhere. And can I say that I am obsessed! I recently as in a few months back ordered some custom monograms through League of Letters who are on Facebook and Etsy. Cody was so easy to work with, shipping time was great and the price and quality of these monograms was outstanding! 

Yesterday, I was contacted by League of Letters about giving away a FREE 24" custom *unfinished* monogram with a value of almost $36.00 with shipping! WOWZA! I am so excited about this giveaway and I have to admit a little jealous! I've been meaning to order a new and larger monogram for our master bedroom... I guess I need to get on that huh ;) 

In case you're not familiar with monograms, let me give you some information on them! 

Single Person: 1st letter of first name, 1st letter of last name, 1st letter of middle name
Example: Mary Ann Jones,  Monogram would read MJA
Married Couple: 1st letter of woman's first name, 1st letter of last name,1st letter of man's first name
Example: Mary & Ryan Jones, Monogram would read MJR

So, are you excited yet? If you haven't been here before, I use Rafflecopter for my giveaways and its super easy and fun! Good luck to all! If you would like to browse around their Etsy, they carry a huge variety of letters and styles... that you can view by clicking HERE.

Contest begins tonight at midnight and ends on June 12th at midnight! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

June 3, 2013

Elaina's nursery tour

Today, I wanted to share with y'all my beautiful friend and hairdresser, Angela's baby girls nursery. Elaina Marie came into this world this past week and was only a few days old when I had the privilege of snapping some newborn photos of her as well as her beautiful nursery that Angela did so well on! Enjoy! If you're in the local area and would like your space to be featured, contact me through the contact me tab and we'll discuss all the details!

Angela did a beautiful job on sweet Elaina's nursery. The soft grey and pink really compliment the antique white furniture set that Angela picked out. I'm so proud of you Angela and I am so happy for your family and this blessing that y'all have received! 

Source List

Curtain Rods & tie backs: Pottery Barn Kids
Furniture set: Babies R Us
You are my sunshine Prints: Etsy
Name plaque over crib: Etsy
Lamps: Old Time Pottery


June 2, 2013

Updates to client dining room: Part 2

If you have been following along for awhile, you know that I travel back to North Carolina frequently to see my family. And usually while I am home, I am put to work! My mom has wanted to update her paint colors as well as her home for some time now! She has the ultimate southern home... and everyone that sees it, loves it! She loves a red dining room and has since I can remember but this is not the largest of rooms thus why we choose a soft grey pallet for the paint colors. 

At the beginning of 2013, I surprised her by painting the dining room and restyling it with everything that she already had! We only had to pay for the paint! So, a dining makeover for roughly $30... I'll take it! It was very pretty for spending $0 on decor but we both felt like it was lacking some character and more than that, some details that are in the rest of the home.

Enter me coming home to visit for a second time in 2013 and we painted an old gold antique mirror of my grandmothers a high gloss black for an ultimate contrast against the cool grey walls. We added antique claw foot lamps from my great uncles old interior design store in Wilmington, NC. Originally brass bases and everything and they really compliment the mirror in my opinion. 

So, what do y'all think?


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