March 30, 2012

Chair sneak peek!

Hey everyone!

I'm sure y'all know the sale is only two days away! And that's why it's 11:00pm here and I'm working on furniture still! I even took tomorrow off to ensure I get everything done :)

Here's a sneak peek of a sweet beauty that will be at the sale.

What do y'all think? Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning for a change! And I have to start getting everything ready for the sale... I'm actually nervous! I hope y'all like everything :)

Mrs. Schmidheiser

March 20, 2012

Laugh at yourself

"You have to laugh at yourself. It makes life so much easier."

Tonight I scored a beautiful, old dresser. I've been looking for one for what seems like months... 3 days. But this post really isn't about this dresser even though I'm super duper excited about it.

I wanted to redo it for our tv stand. I'm thinking I'm going to take the top drawer out and put two small baskets in there instead :) I'm weighing the options also of painting this dresser a crisp white with a deep stained top and rubbed oil bronze hardware or ALL white...with oil bronzed hardware. Either way, when we'll be seeing LOTS of changes. I'm finally going to just go through with it and do this house the way I want...I'm going to start completely fresh.

Now, here's for the real blog post: I am not good at all a lot of things. I am one of those people who knows "alittle about a lot." Modge podge and I aren't agreeing quite yet. I felt like a 2nd grader trying to do this project...I think a 2nd grader would have done better. But if you just squink your eyes, it looks AWESOME.  :) Here's what supplies you'll need:

Modge Podge: Hobby Lobby $7.99 + 40% off coupon = $5.00
Letter: Hobby Lobby $1.99 + 50% store sale = $1.00
Scrapbook Paper: $0.60 + 30% store sale = CHEAP. I'm too lazy to do the math.
Scissors, paint brush & pen, I had laying around.

She's actually pretty cute. I bought a "Y-U-M" so I could lean them on top of my kitchen cabinets in our new house in FL. Can't wait...have I mentioned that? This is just for now. It would be cute too if you tied a ribbon around the top and hung this on your front door. One of my best friend's did it and it's super cute! Seriously, do it. I promise, you won't regret it. K, thanks, bye.

Here's what this hot mess looks like on the other side:

You guys should totally get on the modge podge train and try it. I'm POSITIVE you'll do better than I ;) I hope everyone's Tuesday is great. P.S. 100 days until we say GOODBYE Minot and hello EAST COAST! HOLLER!


Mrs. Schmidheiser

March 19, 2012

Cute end table re-do

Hey everyone!

 Tonight I worked on a cute little end table...that I am going to be having at my sale on 31 March! It still needs some hardware but I just think she is the most adorable thing and had to show all of you.

Today was also my hubby's 24th birthday! I can't believe how fast time has flown by...we are getting old ;) I just sent him a pizza a few minutes ago that read "Happy Birthday" in pepperoni's. Gotta keep it fun, I guess. ;) He's so awesome and I just love him. He deserves the world.

Well, my sale is next Saturday and I really hope to see all of y'all there! I have been working so hard on everything so I really hope you guys like everything... Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me some of your favorite things! Until then, XOXO

Mrs. Schmidheiser 

March 15, 2012


Guess what? Yes...seriously.

We got orders! 

We are headed to Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach, Florida and we are beyond thrilled! We will be leaving at the very beginning of July so stay tuned for my *last two* repurpose sales!

March 8, 2012

Dog stool re-do

Hey bloggies...yawn.

It just hit 9:00 p.m. and I am beat. I've been so busy this week with repurposing furniture, going on adventures to find more furniture for y'all and working my full time job besides that. Yawn. I am so looking forward to a girls night I am having Saturday night though :) I need it.

I'm not sure about y'all but I have a little wiener dog that I ADORE. We have a very tall I bought him this little stool and never got around to re-doing it. And still haven't.  I found this little gem at Minot's little flea market they have ever so often. And I fell in LURVE. The little, mini legs are to die for and in almost perfect condition so I just shine them up with a bit of wood polish. I know it's hard to believe but I can appreciate a nice wood grain, not just white. My husband is rolling his eyes at me right now. Gotta love them right?

Here's the before of her:

All she really needed was a good wipe down on the legs and a more chic fabric. Here's the after:

Is she not adorable? So cute beside the bed too. And get this...It was built way back when. It still has the original tag on the bottom of the stool!

Pretty neat huh? All I did was reupholster my seat and give it a good cleaning and it's a brand new piece! If you want to try your hand at reupholstering, you can find my "how to" here.

Hope everyone has a great night! Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I will be cleaning all night to get ready for my big girls night on Saturday night! Hopefully I can remember to take pictures :)


Mrs. Schmidheiser

March 4, 2012

HOW TO: Reupholster a bench or chair

Hellooooo Bloggies :)

We had such a great weekend. My husband had off finally from his insane schedule...and we spent the whole entire weekend out and about! Ususally we just lay around the house and just R.E.L.A.X. But there was just a lot I wanted to do this weekend! Yesterday, we headed to Bismarck, ND's state capital and did some shopping. I cured my withdrawals from TjMaxx as well :) Today, we went to the local Flea Market and found some great treasures. I'll do a post on those later. These bench was also one of the treasures that we found today.

Silly me always forgets to take a "before" picture but this is the best I can do. My materials I worked with and the picture of the fabric before on the bench.

I made sure to iron my fabric I was going to use for a good, even look.

I started by removing all the staples from the fabric. There's alittle trick that I use shown on the picture after this. I use a butter knife to loosen the staple. In this case, this hadn't been re-covered in ages so it was alittle bit fiesty but finally came off.

Here's my first row of staples. I make sure to keep those lines even. Stripes are alittle more difficult but I am LURVE with this fabulous fabric so I used it! Start with a small I did and you will find yourself coming onto a corner.

Here we are at the corner. Fold the corner off like shown in the picture and staple that fold.

And fold the next and final corner again, smoothly. Avoid any un-tight corners. You're basically just over lapping them, neatly.

Make sure you're pulling each end tight and firm....

And you should come out with something alittle like this...

I LURVE this fabric on this cute little bench! I haven't decided if I am going to keep it or sell it. I also haven't decided whether I'm going to re-stain the bottom wood part or paint it a crisp white. Decisions.

What do you think of my bench re-do? Was it simple enough for you? Do you think the bottom should be a rich stain or a crisp white? Thanks y'all for stoping by again and we'll talk to you soon!

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Mrs. Schmidheiser

How to: Make a wreath

Hey again y'all!

Here's another helpful "how to" today! I wanted to spruce up our door by adding a BRIGHT & cheery wreath! Not too bright but not too boring either. Here's what you will need:

1. Flowers (HL, $4.99 plus 40% off)
2. Ribbon(HL, $2.99, plus 50% off)
3. Wreath (HL, $5.00)
4. Scissors (FREE, I had some already)
5. Plyers or wire cutter (FREE, I had some already)
6. Letter (HL, 99 cents)

So, I made my wreath for less than $15.00. BOO-YAH! Target's cheapest wreaths I believe are $29.99? You can't beat that y'all! Have you ever made your own wreath? I wanted to add a personal touch to ours so I painted the "S" white and added it to the top to add a special touch. What do you think? I can't wait for warmer weather to get it and I'm sure by my wreath, you can tell :)

Here's another shot while I was in progress with my wreath.

And....drumroll's the finished product. I love it! What do you think?


Mrs. Schmidheiser

March 2, 2012

Sneak peek of my current project: Children's stove

How cute is this custom wood stove for a child? I'm currently giving it life again and it will be in the shop soon. Stay tuned :)

Mrs. Schmidheiser

How I set our table

Hey y'all!
I was asked about a week ago how I set my table. I'm not fancy...I like simple things and even more than that...I like things that are CHEAP. Most of the time, fancy and cheap do NOT mix. So...I'm going to break down what I do with our dining room. I should also say I don't go all out with wine glasses or anything, just a simple place mat, a plate, bowl and pretty napkins to top it. Here's what it looks like today. It might change next week. :)

  • My table is a yardsale find. If I remember correctly, I got it for $20. Yes, I said that right.
  • My chairs are a curb find. Someone was throwing them out because her dog had chewed them ony alittle. Nothing a little sanding & painting wouldn't fix. FREE.
  • I just ordered my chair covers. They were $18 a peice which is a lot for cheapo me but I splurged and got them. I've been wanting these for awhile because it really neutralizes the room. The wrinkles are still falling out of them. I wish they'd fall out quicker ;)
  • Placemats are from Ikea for $5 for 4. They're not heavy visually which I needed.
  • The plates and bowls are from the Dollar Tree in town. Yes, you heard that right as well. I love them. I keep going back and buying more. I stack them in my china cabinet just in case we have a lot of guests one night. So $1 a piece and for a table setting of my 4, it was $8 all together. Not bad, not bad at all. I know, one point for me!
  • The napkins were on sale at Target for $1 each. They were this year's Christmas napkins and I scored them back in Jan. Just a green thought for y'all. Instead of buying papertowels, buy a couple sets of this cloth napkins or make your own! They are cuter and washable! And you won't have to buy papertowels ever again :)
  • The napkin holders are also from Target. For 4, I think it was $8. Not bad. Right now they are on the clearance rack, just my luck! ;)

What do y'all do different with your tables? Did you like mine? I love it...thanks for listening!

Mrs. Schmidheiser

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