DIY: Rustic Mirror

It's Tuesday! Which is day closer to our new adventure! 19 days and a wake up today :) I am so excited and ready! Our house is pure chaos right now so excuse the bad pictures :(

 I started this project with two other friends that wanted to do it also. did this first and we wanted to re-create the look... and give instructions on how we did it as well!

Here's my mirror! I LOVE it! And can't wait to hang it in our new house! I have SO MANY ideas for a project like this! You could do any color for the mirror, any size... Menards had a ton of mirrors in different shapes and sizes to choose from! I plan to build another similiar this but more in a square shape and put chicken wire behind it...and build yet another earring holder :) You could also buy hooks and drill them into the sides or horizontal bottom and have a great entryway key or coat holder. So many possibilities people!

Ok, so first things first... your supplies. Here's what you will need.

Staple Gun: (Your nearest Hardware store)(Hobby Lobby has them too)
Gorilla Glue: (Menards)
Paint Brushes (Menards)
Stain or Paint (Which ever you prefer)
Not pictured: Liquid Nails
Mirror: Walmart (without edge)
Wood: Menards
Optional: Clamp (This helps secure something you're trying to hold together. Ask your hardware store associate)

**TIP: If you want to hang this on the wall, rememeber to consult an employee at the store where you are purchasing your supplies. You will need brackets for hanging the mirror on the wall.**

Ok! So let me first start by saying this project didn't cost me $15. I wish it would have but sadly, no! The mirror itself was $15 but that was the cheapest one that our Walmart had PLUS I didn't have to remove the edge so even better ;) I already had most of the materials on hand... so that did save me some money. I did have pictures from our adventure to Menards but sadly, I accidently deleted them earlier :( I know, I am so sad. A sad, sad panda.

Here's the measurements that you need for the wood but this is ONLY dependent upon buying this exact mirror from Walmart! I bought my wood at Menards and we had the guy cut it there to save money. Sad panda in me knows that I don't think he got my measurements right :( Such a sad panda about this but it's still super cute so it'll be a - ok!

Each piece needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle... they probably won't be perfect. But most things that aren't perfect are more beautiful because of that. So yes, I am going to keep telling myself that.

It does not matter what type of wood you use for this, either. I recommend asking an associate at whatever store you may be visiting and search for a cheap alternative  like I did. Mine was pine and cost me $3.69 per board. So that's $7.38 for two.

The mirror is  4 foot tall by 1 foot wide that I purchased. Yours may be different.

{2} 1x4's at 10ft long each

Cut one board into {2} pieces at 4ft 4 inches each. (Long point to long point)
Cut the other board into {2}pieces at 1ft 6 inches each. (Long point to long point)

You will also need to have each end of each board cut to a 45 degree angle. MAKE SURE when you cut these they line up. I had a huge problem with trying to get them to line up! This is the best picture I have to show you. (Remember I accidentally deleted mine).

After all your wood is cut, I first stained mine to get that out of the way. I laid it on the ground just like shown in the picture up there ^. Remember to stain the inside of wood and outsides. You will see both! I used Minwax stain in a darker tone. They have many to choose from! I am going to do another mirror like this one but next time, I plan to paint it white and distress it. Then, go over it with stain and wipe clean. It creates a very pretty cream, old fashioned look.

Ok! So you've stained all your wood and you have it lined up like the picture up there. ^

Next, you will need your staple gun and your gorilla glue.

I know you really can't tell but have no fear, this is Gorilla Glue inbetween those two corners! I'd recommend doing this on pavement you don't mind getting the glue on! IF NOT, put a scrape piece of wood or something underneath this! I put Gorilla Glue between these two end points and held together so the glue could secure. I held that for about one minute and then got my staple gun out. Proceeding to tightly keep the two corners together, I also stapled every corner like seen in the picture.

Next, I didn't want to get Liquid Nails on the front of my mirror so I put the Liquid Nails on the BACK outer rim of the mirror on every side. Top, bottom and all sides, the edges closest to the middle.  Alittle goes along way.

All together and only because I had some supplies laying around and I used other materials.... it cost me under $40. Still not bad considering it's custom! And real wood! Something like this could easily be $100+ at Pottery Barn, etc. 

And simply let it dry. I also used a clamp on each corner to ensure that it was held tightly and wouldn't come apart...and drum roll please...........

What do you think of my mirror? I love it! Are you going to try to do your own?
Let me know what you think! And I would love for you to keep pinning me and let me know you did so! Thanks so much for the continued support!

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  1. I love rustic and what a fun project!

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Wonderful job. This could also be done with salvaged mirror.... :)


  4. Love it, but how do you avoid the mirror falling of the frame ?

    1. When we placed the mirror onto the wood, it overlapped on the back and that's where it gets its support. You play around with it before you put it together so it does not fall and has adequate support!

  5. We did one and it came out great thanks for the pin....its so cute

    1. That's wonderful! I would love to see! We are going to make another! This was a few years back and we are more experienced with building now! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. what minwax stain did you use to get that rustic look was it dark walnut?

  7. I love it and can't wait to make one for my home too!

  8. we are trying this right now and like you, cannot get the angles lined up:(

  9. Love this idea! Soon will try it for sure... It will end up costing us more as we don't have any of the materials lying around... Glue, staple gun etc...

  10. I have had all the items to make this beauty, but have been busy with other projects. Thanks for the inspiration, this will be my "Today's Project"!! I'll let you know how it turns out ..going to use reclaimed pallet wood Woot Woot I'm so excited!!

  11. I have had all the items to make this beauty, but have been busy with other projects. Thanks for the inspiration, this will be my "Today's Project"!! I'll let you know how it turns out ..going to use reclaimed pallet wood Woot Woot I'm so excited!!

  12. Good Morning:
    I did something like this, for a picture, but not cut to 45 degrees, but at right angles, and is also nice (I say this because the cut at right angles is easier)
    Some time ago here in Spain, some door jambs are simple profile and intersect at right angles, not 45 degrees and looks good.

  13. I'm confused.. the frame is glued onto the back of the mirror? From the pictures it looks like the mirror is set in the frame, or rather that the frame is glued onto the front of the mirror. Can you clarify? I'd like to do this project. Thanks

  14. Love this mirror! Something special about a Rustic Mirror, cannot find one anywhere like that.

    The closest I can find is this one

    What do you think?

  15. Looks so much better after, amazing Thanks for your job

  16. I agree. You don’t really explain how to attach the mirror. What does “without edge” mean on the mirror?

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  18. thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info

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