July 1, 2013

Ornate wood dresser before and after

Today I wanted to reveal to you this dresser. You see, I was in love with this dresser when I got it. Like totally excited, screech a little in love. I have been so torn on whether I want to keep this beauty or not... I even made my hubby carry it all the way up our stairs into our guest bedroom. And I've let it sit a few days to see if I really wanna keep it or not. And I tell you, I STILL don't know! I've had a lot of compliments on it already so I figure if I can get an offer I can't refuse at my sale, I'll probably sell it but if not, it's meant for me to keep her. She is just beautiful right? But wait until you see the after....

And here's the AFTER...

I know a lot of you were saying on Home by Ally Facebook page that I didn't need to paint it. And truth be told, I wasn't going to until I arrived back in Florida and realized she needed a pick me up because she wasn't in the greatest condition, wood wise. 

I adore all the ornate carved wood. I accented the drawers by painting the details white. I still wanna do one more coat of white to really make it pop. I opted for crystal knobs to keep the style simple but elegant. I could see this adorably sweet dresser in a nursery, little girls room or entryway even. I am just loving it. Especially the fat donut style feet and original casters. I also kept the top the original color along with the mirror. I couldn't bare to paint the whole thing and I wanted it to keep some character.

Whom ever gets this beauty is a really lucky person. I just love it and it has got to be one of my favorite pieces to date by far. I won't lie... painting those details took a LONG time and took a toll on my poor little hand but boy was the result worth it! I think the knobs just finish it off so well.

Hi, that's me! I wanted to show you the beautiful blonde wood on the top and around the mirror. The mirror is overall is in good condition but does show some wear. Overall, this is just a beautiful and old piece of furniture! And yes, it will be put out at my sale. I'm excited to see your responses about it!

What have y'all been up to lately?


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  1. Wow I love it and love how you kept the top untainted. What did you use to paint?


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