October 1, 2013

A tiny peek at the new house!!!

So I've had a lot of feedback with my Instagram {@HomebyAlly} sneak peeks and some on Facebook as well about our new house! So I decided to do something a little different and something I've never actually done. Join me today as we *FINALLY* get to take a small tour of our new, adorable little beach cottage in Florida.

Day 1: New house tour & plans

I haven't posted a very good photo of the outside yet because it is going to be changing drastically in the next few months. It looks like a cute little beach cottage right now but I want it to be the prettiest house on the block. Or in the city. So it has to change.

Here's look from right inside the dining room to the front door. We loved the plaster walls, cove ceilings and real hardwoods. Oh, by the way, our house is beachside and was built in 1957. We could not find a "historic" home in our budget that let us do a total gut job or we would find one that would be over our price range. This home was a great compromise because it is beach side like my husband wanted and I got some charming details that I was after.

I want to paint the walls a nice, more contrasting color such as a grey or warmer beige. This is a very light, almost yellowish beige. We also already changed out the chandelier. This one was a little small for our table so we bought a beautiful new one from the Allen & Roth collection at Lowes Home Improvement. I adore the floors, they are a nice warm finish that really keep the space light and bright.

Here's the view from the new Florida room, aka the sunroom! This is one of the things that sold us on this cute little house. I plan to add thick trim and faux cased out columns on either side of the opening of the sunroom. Everything is mostly open concept which I loved and our dogs seem too. As seen below. This little dog cracks me up! They have been loving having the long space to chase each other!

Here's the view below from in the living area. The couch is getting a slipcover. And I scored a few antique, lovely, chippy end tables for each side. My mama is giving us a super nice electric fireplace to go in the sunroom as well. It provides light from the fire AND/OR provides heat if needed. I think it'll be a really nice feature in the sunroom although we may not use the heat setting a lot ;)

To the right, you see a little part of the kitchen and the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom sitting before that. We have all real hardwood floors except in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. 

This was another selling feature for us. Have the appliances already updated. I adore the cabinet space. As you can see, the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and I'm so happy that they decided to finish them off with coordinating crown molding. There is ample storage and I'm a little overwhelmed that we have space left! My goal in this house since it is a smaller home is to add as much storage as we can possibly squeeze into the space without taking away function and appeal. Sadly, these will be painted. Although this kitchen is beautiful as is, I have always wanted a white kitchen. And I will have one. End of story.

We also are on the hunt for a stainless steel microwave. I'm not sure why they choose black except that it provides a nice contrast to the cabinets. There's also a small open space next to the cabinets to the right where my camera bag is sitting. We either want to have a custom pantry cabinet built for that wall or do open shelving to display china, baskets, fresh flowers, etc. I also picked up another Allen & Roth lantern to put in this space instead of the flush mounted boring light. We think once the cabinets are a nice antique white, that black granite will really pop. I also want to add feet to the cabinets to make them feel even more custom. The subway tile backsplash was also a favorite of mine and something I had already planned to do, so that worked in my favor. We would also love to have a french door stainless fridge. Hopefully that will happen one day but not anytime soon.

Here's a peek at the hallway. There's a deep linen closet to the right. We added additional storage by buying a shelving system that fits from the top of the door to the bottom for additional storage for cleaning products, odds and ends, etc. It has already helped us tremendously.

Here's the guest bathroom. It is the first door to the left in the hallway. Slate is such a nice and expensive feature that we were not expecting this house to have. I've never decorated with it but I'm always up for a challenge. We want to purchase a new sink light because this is just to modern for the space and my taste so it'll be for sale too. We will do something fun with a shower curtain and I also have a small white cupboard I will put across from the sink for additional storage. I've been on the hunt for inexpensive glass shelving as well to put above the toilet. Any suggestions would be great! The mirror is ok. If I find something that I like better, I might change it. But it's not broken, so I may not even touch that thing. We will see... and a nice plush rug for the floor might I add!

Here's a peek at our master on suite. Though small, I see tons of untapped potential. I like the added crown moulding which is something that I would have probably done myself. The vanity is also from Lowes Home Improvement. I may or may not keep it this color depending on what I want to do with this space. We also have an all tiled walk in shower with a rain head shower head. I am in LOVE with it already. Another small detail that sold us. We would potentially also like to change out this light feature and move the dang hand towel thing because it is totally in the wrong place. It will go to the left of the mirror near the window. We also are going to add more glass shelves above this toilet for additional storage as well. And I really would like to take down the world's smallest backsplash above the sink but we'll probably leave it anyways. And again, a nice plush rug for our toes. :) The color will also be changing in here to perhaps a nice, cool light grey or light blue-ish-grey.

And here's an update on "Milo" and since he doesn't know his name, we might as well refer to him as his nickname, "Little dog." He is totally excited about the new house! So here's your peek! Are you excited as I am? I'll be back tomorrow with another post! 

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  1. I cannot wait to see the amazing finish will be in your new home!

  2. I am in love with your floors! I can't wait to see the changes you make as you turn this house into your home.

  3. New follower here! We have a little wiener dog too! They are the best!


  4. You have great bones to work with and a house that is ready for whatever you want to do. It will be fun to see what you do with it!

  5. Omg Ally! That light ahhh MAGNIFICENT!

  6. Buying a house circles a lot on compromise. Unless you’d want to venture alone in it and take all the stress to yourself. It’s good to know each of you had some of your home preferences satisfied. :) Avril@Georgia.ChurchillMortgage


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