January 4, 2015

Exterior: How things look now

Remember when I revealed our exterior? And how we added curb appeal on a strict, shoe string budget. I wanted to show y'all what it looks like now, what we've accomplished and a few things that are still on our to-do list.

Let's start with the BEFORE! We always have to start with the before. If you missed the original post & all the before and afters, you can find those by clicking here!

And here is the AFTER…when we first did the entire exterior, added new plants & shrubs and completely give everything an over-haul! I was so excited to see things fill in and blossom.

And boy have they! Here's the current photo as of today. What a difference a year or so makes… The original post was in November 2013…hard to believe we've been on our way to 1 1/2 years already! Time sure does fly whenever you are having fun! ;-)

 Another view from the right side of the yard… when we original completed the exterior…

And as of today…

Another before...

And before...

After a year of doing lots of growing!

We painted this old bird house, added some cool hardware & put antique ceiling tiles for the roof! I'm thinking of painting the ceiling tiles with a faux copper paint to really pop… but still love it as is!

Mailbox right after it was installed...

And today… I may end up changing the flowers in here…again. :-) 

Walking up to the front door…about a year ago...

And now today...

We also used to have a tiny little bird bath near this area of the front porch. We replaced that with this concrete (SUPER heavy!!!) fountain that has a water feature! I adore it…it needed some love when we got it but those are the things that I LOVE to give LOVE to! Such a statement piece and the perfect scale for our house as well. I'd be wishing for one for months and this came at the opportune time. With a truly funny story attached as well. :-) Those are always the best finds anyways, the ones with stories.

So, let's recap just the front, shall we?

When we purchase the home, September 2013….

After we over-hauled the front, November 2013…

And today with everything that has blossomed and filled in, January 2015….

I hope y'all enjoyed the photos! I know I sure did, especially looking through how much everything has changed for the better! If you can spot the differences, that's great! But let me recap anyways.

In the last year, we've added the following major and minor changes…
because we all know they both do matter :

New windows (Window World of Rockledge, FL - Tell them I sent you!)
New rocking chairs (Thrift Store)
New fountain (Used)
New fence (DIY with neighbor)
Bird house (DIY)
Rocks outlining beds (Lowes Home Improvement)

Until next time, that's all folks...


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