March 1, 2015

New tv stand & changes coming...

Things have definitely been evolving in our home. And honestly, that's not something that is new around here. Just ask my husband ;-) I'm really loving the calm I feel when I enter our sunroom. The more and more we work on these small and large projects together, I feel roots planted firmly for our small family. We really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when we DIY something ourselves and it was no different when we finally did the board and batten in the sunroom. If you haven't read our post on how we accomplished our board and batten look, you can find it by clicking here.

I love our cute little cottage style house near the beach but it needs more of a story. It needs more character and more things to bring the life out of it. That's exactly what we're trying to do. Yes, we live here and over the years of decorating, I've let go of the picture perfect room and more so, the picture perfect life. There is beauty in the imperfect, especially when making memories is involved.
Below was how our sunroom looked last year when I could feel my style evolving...again.

And here's after we did the board and batten. At this point, I also sold the salvage shutters and the media console because my heart was telling me I wanted something different for this room.

We had our fifth wedding anniversary last week and of course, we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant just the two of us. Between my husbands work schedule and mine, as I work as a licensed real estate agent, have a space in Vintage Living Marketplace and run this blog among decorating jobs, staging, etc... we don't really have a whole lot of time to do a whole lot of nothing. So, that's what we both said we wanted for our anniversary. I didn't want jewelry or anything fancy and he didn't want electronics or typical man things. So, instead of jewelry or fancy things, I wanted a piece of furntiure. And my husband is a good man. :-)

I knew I wanted cupped pulls and a rustic finish. I also really prefer something with traditional lines but that meets the style I was going for and this console did not dissapoint.

 Here's little Winston just watching mama snap some photos while he relaxes on my (his) blanket. He is such a lover and a good boy. All he does is sleep and cuddle. Sometimes he gets wild.

I added some new pillows with a linen feel and stamped with old typography style fonts. I also love the look and feel of an old, leather chair. Nothing is better than not having any pressure to keep things "new" feeling. That's the beauty of old... it doesn't have to be perfect because it's already imperfect. "Old is the new, new."

I also snagged up these cable knit down pillows... not only are they super adorable and super pretty but super comfortable too! And can't ever beat washable covers!  I always get alittle taken aback when folks say, I could never have those... or "you don't have kids, you don't know." Well, actually I do. I have kids over here, we have neighbors and we have friends with children. There is nothing in my house a child can't touch, play with...ruin, etc. The slipcovers, although beige, can be washed quite easily! Same with all of my pillows. I don't buy any pillows unless they have covers that are washable....

I also scooped up this chair from Vintage Living Marketplace a couple weeks ago while I was doing work... I couldn't resist with its beautiful finish and linen fabric. Perfect accent chair for the time being... :-)

And here's a pretty iew with the sun going down and the lamps on... We are adding crown molding to the top so that's the corner piece that you see in this photo.

 I'm loving the changes and can't wait to show y'all more... Home should be a place where you can be yourself. And be comfortable. And same with your family. Old is the new, new....and beauty comes in all forms... remember that! I'm finding more truth in the old saying that "less is more..." and that simple can be stunning. I am finding I don't pick up as many things to decorate... and I like to let pieces speak for themselves without overwhelming them with accessories. Sometimes too much of a good thing is just that, too much of a good thing. We are slowly adding a few more touches. I'd like to find another couple of pillows for the couch and we also are going to be adding some family photos somewhere. We're hoping to make those out of salvage wood also. Remember to embrace perfection and find the beauty in the "not done." Life is too short.


  1. I love your style. I love how your words echoed my thoughts over the last year. I am making changes too, and giving our new house "old character". I hope to see that charming black rocker make another appearance somewhere. But I love the changes in your room. Comfort is the word that comes to mind. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Lovely post. Stephen and I will be a purchasing a home sometime this year and you're blog is giving me a lot of inspiration. :) Your home looks comfortable and livable.

  4. The room look amazing! I love this new TV stand. Happy anniversary!

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  5. I saw the same exact media console in HomeGoods last week and it was gone the next day when I went back to purchase it! Are you able to advise the manufacturer so I can try to track it down? Thank you in advance!

  6. I agree, Ally! Being comfortable with your home is what matters most, where you can be yourself at all times. By the way, I am truly amazed on how you redecorated your house and made a new style out of it. Everything seem to be on the right place, and I find it elegant, especially how your things seem to complement each other. That said, your new media console looks way better than the previous one. Anyway, thanks for sharing with us! Good day!

    Jeanmarie @ RVM

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