April 28, 2015

Crown Molding in the sunroom...

Wanted to quickly show y'all another update to our sun room. We have had crown molding sitting in our garage for what seems like forever... but I purchased it awhile back to add to as many rooms as possible! I just love how much it finishes off the space. There's a few more details planned for this space but we are doing them as cost and time will allow. I'm really into a simplistic style right now...

We added the crown to give the space a little bit more "umph". We still need to finish the board and batten underneath the windows and to the left there below. I have been thinking of changing the color in this room as well... but haven't had time to sit and decide what I want.

Maybe one day, I'll stop being so hard on myself and appreciate these rooms for what they are. Home.


  1. White is the best color for almost anything. It's also the perfect color for interior design, because of its clean and simple vibe. It also gives a heavenly ambiance to a home, and can play plays with minimal and simple decors. You did an amazing job decorating that sunroom, Ally! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments

  2. What a wonderful space you've created . . . the molding is fantastic and give the room such a high-end look.

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  4. Love the space and the tone on tone neutral ness to the room. Wonderful blend of raw and painted pieces. A room to love.

    ~ Dore

  5. Hey Ally,

    I love your blog! You have great taste! The sweater pillows are to die for!

    Im totally new to blogger (in the last month) I'd love for you to check out my blog if you have a minute and let me know what you think!

    Thanks! Cant wait to read more! :)

    (California Cupcake)

  6. This is beautiful! It also gives a heavenly ambiance to a home, and can play plays with minimal and simple decors. You did an amazing job decorating that room! Thanks for sharing!

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