September 4, 2016

The evolution of our sunroom & future plans

Our sunroom has seen a lot of different looks, that's for sure. I really haven't shown y'all much on our house in sometime because I've been so busy with real estate and being pregnant :-) Today marks 26 weeks and I can't believe in a week, I'll be in my third trimester. All of these new and exciting things are happening so fast and I am just trying to soak up every minute of having this sweet baby boy in my tummy. Nothing beats him reminding me that he's in there, even if its 2am. :-)

Today I decided to show you what our sunroom looks like as it sits today. I get a ton of questions from readers and friends, what things are looking like, have I changed anything and why we don't see other parts of our home... Well, I'll try to be better about that in the coming months I hope at least. We haven't really been broadcasting our business and future plans for sometime now just in fear of change and plus, it is nice to still keep some things to yourself. With that being said, Ryan and I have both decided some time ago that Ryan will be leaving active duty military to pursue a career in the National Guard & we will be moving back home to North Carolina shortly after the new year. 

This means a lot of things. For once, if you're in the local area, you'll be able to see the entire house tour because our house will be going on the market. We plan to list it in late January and I am so anxious to see what the feedback will be and which family will make this their "new" forever home! Alittle about our house... it's a 3/2 with an over-sized one car garage, built in 1957, formal living room with additional family room/sunroom area. Original cove ceilings with wide open floor plan. All new low-e double pane windows & impact windows along our sunroom. We also added our beautiful leaded impact front door as well as hurricane shutters for the entire house. We have real hardwoods throughout, except in the wet areas & bedrooms. We have great neighbors, a fully landscaped yard, plenty of room to grow & a lot of upgrades! Those are only a few things and I will compile an entire list of upgrades once we get closer to listing it. We've put a ton of sweat equity and love into this place and I hope the next family enjoys it as much as we have. 

I'm looking forward to being able to cook dinners with my mama & watch our baby boy grow up with family around. There is no feeling that is better than being with family and we have learned that, through our time being away & life events, good and bad. I will certainly miss Florida, my friends I've met here who also have become family and this house but I am really looking forward to new beginnings for us and our growing family.

Ok, so, now after I've blabbed too long, here are some photos of the sunroom today. 

The sunroom is by far and always has been my favorite room in the house. We have been eyeing the desk from World Market for quite some time and bit the bullet a few weeks back. Something that is important to me as we grow into our style, is where function meets style. We recently made our old "office" which was the second bedroom back into a bedroom for guests since Landon took bedroom three. This left us with getting creative for a work space for me for real estate. Thankfully, our front room & the sunroom are both plenty large spaces so we took full advantage of that. I really think it speaks volumes when you walk into a room and the furniture is not all up against every wall. It gives the space dimension and really creates more a natural flow to the room. 

I've been toying with painting this room. (Again.) It gets so much natural light & with the tongue and groove planks, it definitely is a bright room. I've experimented with a lot of colors but right now, I'm just craving easy, simple and fresh. And I think that speaks in all the design aspects in our home currently. I've found that less really is more and I really am not enjoying an "over-crowded" or "over-done" room. I appreciate the things I love that I have out & they all have a story behind them. I don't really have anything in here that is just here for the photos and that's what I want our home to be. More true to us and full of things that we love. Until next time, y'all take care! 


  1. I love this Ally. We are sure going to miss you around here but I am already thinking road trip to NC! Love you friend!

  2. Yay ❤️❤️❤️ Come on home ❤️

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