January 9, 2011

Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far away...

2:04 a.m. I am w i d e awake. Insomnia, maybe? Or just that little brain of mine working away, stressing about every small detail of our life together. I have always loved to let my hand guide the feelings and emotions of my heart. Letting my hand convey what my heart is feeling and when my heart is hurting or happy. Stating the obvious, I love writing. I thoroughly enjoy it, among other things. I'm a woman that enjoys the simple things in life yet demands the best. I love to feel loved and I love to return that feeling. I love every peice of what "sappy" can entail. I just love to be in love, I would love to stay in this moment forever. I love waking up next to my best friend and knowing that I get to fall asleep with him everynight puts me at ease and makes me feel like the safest woman on this Earth. If he only knew, how much I loved him and how thankful I am to have my best friend as my husband. I have a list of new year's resolutions, just like the billions everywhere else but I really and truly want to stick this resolutions. The first one was be a better wife. Be more patient and kind. Love more. Learn more. Laugh more, cry less. Explore together more. Travel more. Play more, stress less. I'm not the world's worst wife but I am certainly not taking the award of best either. I have my days/nights like tonight, where I'd give anything in the world to show Ryan what he means to me. Maybe one day, he will know.

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