April 25, 2012

Hardly perfection

My house is beautiful. Let's start with the kitchen. Bright white cabinets with oil bronzed harware. Glass doors on the top cabinets and farmhouse legs on the bottoms. A deep, rustic farmhouse sink and all those stupid counter appliances hidden. Beachy bar chairs sit at a huge island with a built in range and gorgeous hood that goes up the cathedral ceilings...which are supported by beautiful white washed wooden beams. Sounds like a beautiful beachy-country cottage, right? Yes, I just described some of my DREAM home. Key word there is DREAM home.

You see, if someone claims that their home is perfect, lord help them. Because they are lying. There is always something you want done or something different. Our house for example is not my favorite. But  it's a housus and it's roof over our head. So, my point tonight is... be happy with NOT being perfect. There, I said it. I DARE YOU. I have pink countertops in my kitchen and a floor that is supposed to be white but instead... looks spotted cream. Who does a white floor anyways and pink countertops? My cabinets are super high gloss while my old hardwoods creak, are coming apart and don't even have a seal on them. We have cabinets break off their hinges about once a month and our sink leaked all over the kitchen just last week. I do laundry in a spooky basement and our heat went out the same day the sink decided to flood. I can't fit a QUEEN bedroom set in our master, it's alittle small. And yes, the pink countertops are carried throughout.

But the point is... I HAD to make the best with what I had because there are people out there who would KILL for this house. They would just kill to HAVE a home. So I ask you all tonight to just be thankful and enjoy  life. You see, I am the QUEEN of stressing. I would stress about unbuttered bread and toilet paper running out. I feel so stressed about moving to a new military base, a new town with new people... which means quitting a job I love, saying goodbye to people I have come to love and actually being sad to say goodbye to Minot. Just not to Ryan's job here ;) Breathe easy tonight...
 "Don't worry about all the craziness.
Life would be boring without it."

You see, I've learned that you shouldn't stress about... what you don't have. Appreciate what you do have. Don't stress about the future, it's not even here yet. Appreciate NOW. Don't worry about things that may never happen because that's just it...they may never happen!

Here's my NOT so perfect home at the moment... I thought I would share...

I would never pick out these curtains. They are pretty, shabby chic looking but pink is not for me... at least not in a kitchen. But in this house, they are my favorite part of the kitchen because they are so soft and feminine. They will be for sale when we leave Minot.

Here's a larger view of the kitchen from the casual bar and dining area. It's simple...and I tried to work with what I had. What do you think? I bought the curtains at Walmart awhille back, I think they were $10.00 each. The sign above the sink is from Ross for $7.99. Plates & little birdy I got from TjMaxx as well, both for under $10.00

I'm a picture fanatic and I desperately need more if only Ryan liked to take pictures ;) But I don't believe in just having appliances in your kitchen. Photos & personal touches are what make it feel like HOME. Try it and let me know how it goes! The picture frame is from TJMaxx for $9.99.

I am almost positive I have the largest canisters in the world but I adore them! They are from good ole' Walmart for a mere $10 a piece. The picture frame is from TJMaxx for $7.99.

And the same goes for this corner. The KitchenAid mixer was a wedding pressent, the rest is from my dearest of  friends, TJMaxx. You can NEVER go wrong at TJMaxx. Well, almost never.

I just got this island table from a friend. The blue is SUPER cute and I love how it has aged...but you know, I love WHITE...so I plan to do a white wash over the blue...to make it a bit more subtle. Like my vintage PEPSI crate? And my blue masons? LURVE.

 Today...I am thankful for my furbabies who love us unconditional, no matter what mood. And I love my husband for his constant support and for being the most caring and geniune person I know. I am so thankful for a family that constantly reminds me how much I am loved and missed...and friends who remind me...of why it's worth it to let people in.

I read this note every morning before I go to work. Ryan left it for me the day after we recieved orders to Florida. We have had lots of bumps in the road in our time here at Minot AFB and we both just felt a weight lifted once we recieved notice we were moving.

"Ally, keep smiling bia...time to work on our tans! Love you!"

That man... never gives up on me... so I can never give up on him. Or us. Or our house or my family or pets... LIFE is worth living and enjoying! So do just that and stop worrying about who has what...or what you need to do today or tomorrow... just enjoy life...Drink it straight, no chaser.


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