June 11, 2012

Master Bedroom Furniture REDO

Hey y'all! I have been moving our stuff downstairs all day and getting things ready for our movers to get here in 2 days! They start packing on Wednesday and take everything away on Friday! I can't believe it's came this fast! Where has the time gone? My last day of my job is this Friday and it's so bittersweet. I've loved working with the people I have and I hope the person who replaces me really appreciates everything my job and the people have to offer....

Now on to the blogpost! So, I was bored with our bedroom set oh I don't know about 6 months ago! It was a beautiful wood color but had been through a few moves and it showed. I wanted to give it a facelift so of course I painted it WHITE!

This is the only picture I could find of the before... Sorry it's blurry but ya get the idea!

And drum roll please....gosh I love WHITE!

There's my DIY rustic mirror... didn't get to read that post? You can find it here.

I love how the mirror turned out. It's a such a pretty contrast against all the white. And my change mason of course. The lamps are from Walmart! CUTE! And cheap!

Keep in mind that we don't really have this room decorated anymore because we are moving! I can't wait to show you our new house.... Totally can't wait!!!

Here are my favorite bedside reads....

"1,001 Things Every Married Couple Should Know" by Harry H. Harrison Jr
"Married for Life" Lessons From Couples Who Have Been Together For 50+ Years by Bill Morelan
"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson, Ph. D.
"Inside of a Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz
And of course...
"Exposed" by Jasmine Star

Your master should be a retreat and a place to enjoy each other. We had and usually do have a TV in here but I'm enjoying actually not having it. At least until a new House Hunters comes on.

And here's another after shot from the door again walking into our master. It's tiny but cozy none the less. And I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Let me know what you think and wish us luck with our move! I may be blogging inbetween the trip in the hotels! We are offically at 12 days and wake up!

Night y'all!



  1. How did you do your distressing on the dresser and nightstand? It's perfect. I do the furniture thing too but have never been able to get my distressing that good.

  2. I also love how the mirror turned out. It's a such a pretty contrast against all the white. And my change mason of course. The lamps are from Walmart! Thanks for this lovely post.

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