August 24, 2012

Front Door Facelift


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Our front door needed a facelift. Period.

I first blogged about how to make a wreath here. I wanted a different feel all together this time. My last wreath was fun and cute. I wanted something more sophisticated today and very "homey."

I bought all my supplies at the wonderful Hobby Lobby, every woman's secret addiction. Here's the link to their FB page here! I buy so many of my supplies from there for redoing furniture and little DIY projects like this one!

Oh wait, I lied. I did get my Valspar Color Samples from Lowes for 50 CENTS in the markdown section! I just about died. Do you ever find something on sale and snatch it up really quick thinking someone else is just going to come and take it in front of you? No? I guess I'm just a nut. You can find more Valspar Color samples here. I LOVE these color samples! I don't know the exact color of these two but isn't the rich brown gorgeous and the calming white just well calming? They have so many great colors to choose from and they are seriously one of my favorite paint brands.

Here's the run down of all the supplies. I did not end up using my numbers on the wreath but I am sure I will find another project to use them on.
Valspar Paint Sample: $0.50 cent each
Flowers: $5.99 + 50% off at Hobby Lobby = $2.99 each! I bought 6 which made my total just about $20.00 with tax for just the flowers.
Burlap Ribbon: $9.99 at Hobby Lobby. (40% coupon from online) = $5.99
Scissors: I already had them so FREE!
Paint brush: I already had it so FREE!
Wreath: Originally purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 but today it was FREE!
Wire: $2.49 at Hobby Lobby

Isn't it sooooooo pretty? I'm in lurve. PS, I added a "welcome" decal at the bottom. I ordered it off Ebay here. Be sure to let them know that I sent you!

And a view from walking up to our front porch. It totally warms up the space.

Here's a close up. Isn't she a beauty? And totally simple! And did I mention cheaper than buying one pre-made? This whole project cost me a mere $25.00 not including the supplies I already had!

Here's another view from walking up our sidewalk.

Love these flowers. I use them for everything!

So what do you think of my new wreath for our new house? And what about my "welcome" decal? Don't they just tie together perfect? Have you made a wreath lately? Let me know what you think!

If you haven't liked my page on FB, PLEASE do so! And tell your FB family and friends about me! I love meeting and hearing from y'all! You can find my Facebook here!




  1. Ally, I know I've just corresponded online with you..but I would love to meet you now that you're here in FL. I just love your creativity and style. Let me know if you're up for it.

  2. Oh it looks gorgeous. I am in serious need of something new too, yours is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  3. I didnt know we could add such things to the doors here, such as the decal, Did you paint the door also? LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Super cute! I really love the flowers, perfect transition colors from summer to fall. :)

  5. Thank y'all! Summer, would love to meet you as well! Marty, thank you always for your kind words. I didn't paint the front door, it just came like that :P Thank you Sarah!


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