August 27, 2012

I heart burlap.

I heart burlap. Anything burlap. Burlap pillows. Burlap ribbon. Burlap I love.

So, in my usual shopping trip to Hobby Lobby... I walk around the whole store like I have never been there before. And I swear they have NEVER had this. Or I've never noticed it.

I bought two rolls just in case I ran out because I've had a small project in my mind for awhile. And I'm sorry for the crappy pictures because I took them at night!

Now, this roll is 30 FEET of Burlap ribbon which like the packaging states is enough for most projects! And lord knows, I did not pay $13.99 for this bad boy. It was 50% off this week!

If you guys have been paying attention on FB at Home by Ally (here.) you know that I finally got my Ikea barstools I've been drooling over! You can find them here! I bought the white ones and can't seem to find them on their website ;)

They are pretty but they needed something. I'm not big on over doing anything. I like to add small, cute details to any room to make it feel just right...just cozy and inviting.
So, what's a girl to do? Add bows of course. To everything ;) Not really but I did add bows and loved the way it turned out! Do you want to spruce up your barstools now?
They aren't perfect. And nothing in my home is. But I like how this turned out. It reminds me of fall.
I didn't exactly measure any of the bows. And I didn't want the ends to be even either.
I also added some burlap to an old window I have near the kitchen. I love hanging wreaths in the house. They don't have to be just on your front door people! You can hang them on mirrors, old windows like this, doors in your house ,etc.
So what do you think of the bows for my chairs? Here's another BEFORE and AFTER. The before is a picture from Instagram. Wanna follow me? Follow me at allyschmidheiser.
The wrinkledness still needs to fall out some. Yes, I just made that word up. But for now, I'm happy with it or at least for fall decor :) Have you used burlap lately? SHOW me!

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