June 26, 2013

Updated Glass Canisters & Source List

I'm really bad about posting all the updates and decor things that I do with my home. I'm trying to get better about that. Enter my kitchen canisters. I think for that being a very small part of my kitchen, that is one of the top 3 things that I get asked about when I have people over or put up photos of my kitchen. So, I thought I'd quickly do a post about them and the labels and a source list for both.

They all have been with me for a couple of years now or at least when we got our first apartment in North Dakota. Now I see them everywhere in magazines, other bloggers homes, etc. So that makes me feel good! I was one of the first... hehe!

You can find my canisters at Target or Walmart from what I have seen. Although they both look identical, Walmart is actually a couple of bucks cheaper so that's where I bought mine. They do not seal and are all glass. I was scared about putting flour, sugar and noodles in my canisters but so far, I have no complaints and they have been wonderful. I switch out the noodle canister on occasion for tea bags, noodles and/or anything I can find to fill it with. If you want the links to the canisters online, you can find them below. Simply click which one you would like to visit :-)

Walmart Canisters
Target Canisters

As far as the chalkboard labels, I was going to buy some Martha Stewart ones from Michaels. And they are available and if you can find a coupon, you can probably get them for a decent price! But I took an alternate route. I have to go ahead and admit... I'm slightly addicted to Ebay. Here's the link below to the chalkboard labels. The seller is super accommodating and has tons of shapes and designs to choose from! If you get a chance, tell them that Home by Ally sent ya over!

Ebay Chalkboard Labels

Oh...and just for giggles since I get a lot of comments like "How do you keep your house so clean?" and "You must not have kids." And oh, let's not forget... "Your house is never messy." Ah. Here's a keeping it real picture. Cooking noodles for my shrimp salad while also cooking homemade french fries all while reading the newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens and drinking a Coke! Ha! Not that I think this is a mess.. but I do want to make it clear that we do "live" here. And it's not always perfect.

Now I'm craving another Coke. Dang it!



  1. That's a mess????? lol ;) You're gonna have to do better than that. I just recently replaced my old canisters for the ones like you have. I got mine at Walmart and love them. My third one is for cookies. :) Which seems to empty way too often! I bought my vinyl stickers from Etsy and they even had chalk included. :) I love them.

  2. Waaaa... I love Coke too. I am trying to break the habit but it has gotten immensely worse since I have moved down South {I just moved to North Carolina.. your home state.. YAY!}. Love those canisters, I love how you can easily switch out what you have in there by mood or what your using a lot in that moment with just chalk. Great idea!

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  4. Thanks so much for featuring my labels Ally. They look great. If anyone orders and tells me they saw your blog I'll send them a free initial like the one on your plate so that they can make that also. You are such a sweetheart!


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