November 27, 2013

My french chair & One Kings Lane

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. One Kings Lane contacted me to share their new Resource Guide and I happily obligated without compensation.

Y'all. So, if you have been following around here, you know that I found THE chair that I love much. The french inspired chair. Remember her and her gorgeous curves? 

When I purchased this chair, it is obviously that it is a french style with matching ottoman. The things I loved most about this chair was number one, the curves. You don't see them like this anymore. Although my chair is a reproduction, the basic bones of the chair mimic an antique. Did I mention that it's super comfortable? I got it my girl recliner. It's so nice to lay back on the fluffy pillow and stretch my legs out. But less about me relaxing and more about this chair and One Kings Lane.

They wrote me about their new "resource guide" which is Ah-MAZ-ing. You can virtual look up the history of any chair, sofa, ottoman, any other piece of furniture. You can search different styles and learn all about them including when it was originated, where it comes from and the entire history of the era of the piece. Plus, there are also articles on the site on the latest in furniture that is trending, most comfortable chairs and DIY ideas for your furniture! Amazing? See I told you!

Learn about to DIY- Stain proof all of your chairs from One Kings Lane by clicking here.

You can learn the history of the day bed and the chaise lounge by clicking here.

So many wonderful tips to offer and fun photos and facts to scroll through! Thank you One Kings Lane for an awesome Resource page! I am so excited to start using it in my everyday furniture hunts! 

I also wanted to invite all of you to explore One Kings Lane! If you leave your email in the comments below, I can invite you! Then I will receive a $15 if and when you purchase something and guess what, you will too! So leave your email below! But instead of using the @ sign, use {at} so you don't get spam!

You can click here for my personal link!


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