February 4, 2014

$1.00 Yardsale frames update

First off, let me start by saying I really suck. I get really excited for projects and immediately start on them without taking a before picture. Please tell me I'm not the only one. These frames were no exception. I got them at a yard sale for $1.00 for both and thought they were the sweetest little things I ever did see! I could see them in a nursery in the future but for now, I'd give them a facelift for our home. Have you updated an old frame lately? All you need is some fresh paint, paint brushes & a little creativity! All I used for this project was a sample of paint from Lowes I got in the clearance section, a paint brush, primer (optional) and a printer with printer paper. (I used card stock).

Currently, they are hanging in the kitchen but they won't be staying there. So, let me give you a quick run through of this cheap, easy and fast DIY. All I did was give each frame a light sanding to better assist the better in adhering. I put on one coat on primer and then two coats of regular Valspar paint. The mats came with the frame so all I needed were new pictures for it. I debated putting old post cards or vintage photographs in these but for now, the quotes will do. I simply found a quote that I loved, in this case, this bible verse. I picked out a font that I had in photoshop and simply aligned it to fit in the frame. I then printed out the bible verse, cut the paper (I used card stock but that's optional to you!) to fit the frame and complete! The frames have a sorta pinkish-cream look to them which I'm not really digging but I'm sure I can find new ones for fairly cheap if I do decide to change them.

They hang from small black rope that I might change to satin black ribbon for more of an impact. But I love how sweet and adorable these look together and I am totally happy with my $1.00 frames. Sometimes the cheapest things are the best things...

Super simple DIY that I thought I would show y'all today. I'm working on other projects around the house so I hope to have them up here in the next few days. I can't wait to show y'all all the new furniture I've been getting and the *new* to me… furniture that is going in our home! Anyways, stay tuned. If you have done a project like this, show me on Facebook by clicking here!

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