March 16, 2014

Dining Room Reveal & Source List

I suck. I want to get better about posting…and I will. I'm in a mindset right now for turning a new leaf for myself. Maybe I should save all of that for another post, a more "personal" post. So, today… I thought I'd clear off the table and show you where we are at with our dining room. Nothing is every truly "complete" in our home but we are loving where we are at. Probably just a few more accessories and this room really won't need anything else. And maybe a pretty dining set too ;-)

We choose to go with a round table for this house. As you remember, this was our old table and it really crowded the space. We have a very open floor plan and it just wasn't working no matter how much I loved the table. It was too many straight lines and needed something to soften up the space…

So, enter a connection through Home by Ally and I found a table for a very fair price that I didn't hate and that could work for the time being. I wanted something with more of an ornate base or something a little more rustic… but ya know, you don't even see the base. So, why would I spend a lot of money on a table for the base when you don't even see it? I do plan on painting this at some point… I've just let it been soaking in the past month so I can get a feel of what I am wanting out of it. 

We also have not had a chandelier really since we moved in because I've went through about 4 of them and haven't been satisfied. So, what do you do when you are frustrated and indecisive? You go back to classic. You go back to things you LOVE and look for that. I LOVE lanterns. Especially lantern chandeliers. I pin them all the time on my Pinterest where you can follow me here. So, I got on and found one that beautiful AND VERY much in our price range! Talk about a breathe of fresh air! You can find my lantern chandelier here. It is a great price and I fully recommend it because it looks amazing! Just make sure if you order one that you are sure the scale & dimensions are right for your space. Ours is a smaller space so this worked for us. Currently, I am obsessed with and am really loving their products thus far. Maybe one day I'll get to work with them!

If you saw in the original photo of our old dining room table, you saw that this antique cupboard was against the wall. This is in my top 3 favorite pieces of furniture to date that I have ever found. I adore it, never tire of it and won't ever sell it. I decided to catty corner in to give the room more presence and again, soften the lines versus having everything straight. It works being in the corner. 

Of course, we had to put our signature mini-boxwoods on the paneled doors and a woven bowl full of hydrangeas. Which reminds me, they are totally fake. I need to dry some out so I can fill them with beautiful, real ones. Beside the hutch to the left there is a mirror I have had for a few years. I've just never found the right "spot" for it until just a few days ago. Perfect scale for that tiny area. It was originally from Tuesday Morning. Here's a better shot of it.

Here's the view walking in from the front living area. Don't mind my obsession back there of boxwoods. Some are going to the store while others are finding new homes. If you noticed the chairs, they are from Ikea. They are the Henriksdal chairs that you can find here. I have four of them and I'm actually very impressed with how comfortable they are. We had to purchase the white floor length slipcovers separately and I am hoping to get another set soon. You can find the slipcover and chair here. I got lucky and searched my local area and on Craigslist. I got the chairs on a yard sale site and just had to buy the slipcovers. But since I had my OLD slipcovers, I sold them on Ebay which off set the price of the new ones. I do a lot of trading in and out and it works and helps with the budget.

Another thing in the picture I haven't spoken about was the rug! It was also from Overstock. You can find it here. Sign up for Overstock's emails because they are ALWAYS running sales so every time I buy something, I make sure that I have a coupon code handy!

 The bowl in the center of the table is a tin bowl that was painted long ago. I'm not sure if I should put anything in it that we will consume so for now, I am just loving the "chippyness" of it. I found it through a local vendor at our antique mall. Perfect for a centerpiece for anything.

I'm really loving our progress in this space and hope you do too. It's always a work in progress and all of us get so caught up in everyday that we don't take the time to appreciate the little things in life. I wanted a space that was cozy, sophisticated and most importantly, comfortable. That is exactly what I feel like this is… The chairs are holding up well and I've washed them a few times… but they have lost some length although I washed them on cold. I guess that is expected. Everything else has been great! Hopefully I'll be back this week with a few furniture makeovers!

Let me know what y'all think and if you love any of these pictures, feel free to hover over the image and pin them on your Pinterest! Have a great Sunday!


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