June 7, 2014

DIY Entryway Table using corbels/architectural salvage

Well it's been around three weeks since I lasted spoke with y'all! WOW! I've been so busy with real estate which is SUCH a blessing! And I also have more good news coming your way, especially if you're local so you definitely do NOT want to miss out on that! 

I've been searching for the perfect entryway table for some time now. I wanted something narrow, long and a statement piece. And I really wanted it to be old as dirt. I'd rather have something with some history, that's not perfect and that tells a story than I would something new. I searched and searched and searched and came up with nothing. 

Enter these two corbels that I found at HomeGoods of all places! Shout out to HomeGoods! Love that place. I practically stole them for the prize and get this…. I found one here in Florida and took a trip to North Carolina around Mother's Day. Wouldn't you know that I found the MATCHING one in North Carolina?! It was totally meant to be. I may or may not have jumped up and down that day in the store.

I apologize for the sorry cell phone photos! I took this really quick to document what it looked like as the process kept going! I was way too excited to actually get my real camera out! So here is the BEFORE photo of the space and then a few cell phone photos of it as it progressed. I'm not sure why this photo is oversaturated like it is but just try to see past that. To the left of the front door is a longer wall that serves as our entryway which is also open to the front living room.

Here is the cell phone photos I was speaking about earlier. First thing that I did was get my level, some wall anchors with screws and a drill to make sure my corbels were the correct length apart and were anchored correctly to the wall as well as being even since I was making a top!

I got really excited at this point but the balance was a little off with how thin the plywood top was compared to the chunkiness of the corbels below. So what's a girl to do? I found some scrap wood in the garage and created a skirt for the wood top to hide cords and chunky it up!

You can somewhat see under the last picture that I hid the cords with good old tape by taping them to the bottom of the wood top. From standing you can't see it at all and really can't even see it unless you are looking when you are sitting. That makes me happy, no cords that is :)

And here's a view with the new lamps on. I'm playing around with how I want the top styled and I still want to do something creative with the cord in the old crock. But I am really loving the look, especially because no one else that I know has something like this. It is unique to our house! Let me know what you think and if you want to pin this to remember on your Pinterest boards, just hover over each picture and click the Pinterest icon to pin!

Mirror: HomeGoods
Lamps: Kirklands
Corbels: HomeGoods
Boxwoods: HomeGoods
Chippy bowl: Found
Harp salvage: Found
Crock: Found 

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  1. What a fabulous idea! Love, love, love it!! :)

  2. I love this! It looks great. And I hate having the cords show too. Great job!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it!

  3. Love this! Everything is perfect! Thanks for sharing. Such a neat, useful space.:)

    1. Thanks Claire! I really appreciate your kind words!

  4. This is fabulous! I'm now searching for corbals on the Internet. I have had such a hard time finding a table and I think this idea is perfect! I would like them to be around the same size as yours. What are the measurements of your corbals? Also, what do you mean when you say you added a skirt? Did you cut holes in the back for the cords? I'm not fluent in the DIY/ project language just yet!

  5. I can't wait to try this in my living room! Ditto on the size question. About how tall are the corbels?

  6. Ola came to thank and say that the artifo was excellent bringing several new successes.

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  8. Love this! We took the mantle down in our 1970s flip and I was trying to think where I could use and thought about a foyer table. I'm currently looking for new corbels. How high is your table from the floor?

  9. I love this! How did you attach the wood top to the corbels??


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