September 7, 2014

On the horizon...

Gosh, it's been awhile.

And I'm sorry about that. In case anyone is reading this…

We've been working a lot. It's been almost two months since my last blog post and that is definitely not like me. But I felt the need to disconnect and not feel "pressure" of posting to keep up with other bloggers. There should be no competition when it comes to this, at least for me. I enjoy decorating and creating/recreating… and that's just it, that simple. I enjoy it. But I don't ever want it to feel like a job. And I let it get there and shouldn't have. So, I've been on a "blog break" for a little while although the rest of my life unfortunately/fortunately has not slowed down. Real estate is very busy right now and our market here in Florida is definitely seeing more of an upswing and it's definitely beginning to be a seller's market. That is promising after everything that the housing market has been through. 

Ryan finally came home from Afghanistan in the beginning of August. It's been so nice to have him home and have someone to just talk to at night besides our fur babies. You take for granted all the little things when they are here… and seem to miss them more when those little things come around again. We've been in full swing with a honey to do list getting our house where we want it to be. I was so focused for the first 6 months of owning our home with injecting things that would pay us later and help us with re-sale but you know what? Re-sale, sure, does matter… but it shouldn't cause you not to enjoy your home, try new ideas and make it your own. So, that's exactly what we've been doing.

I named this blog post "on the horizon" because I feel like new things are just over the horizon for Home by Ally. For a long time, I've been at a constant battle with myself over being a "good" wife. And have the most "pretty" home. And having a "great" blog. And being the "best" realtor. I've been so caught up in all that I am doing wrong and everything that isn't going well to realize all of the things that go right. For starters, I woke up this morning. Hallelujah! What a blessing to be given each day on this Earth. Wake up and make yourself have a great day. You are the master of your fate. And you control the direction of your smile. And for the longest time, I didn't want to believe that. And I still have my days.  But I have realized that life is what you make of it. And it can be gone in a split second.  

We lost a great man recently and it put a lot of my feelings into perspective and made me realize maybe it would be good for me to share my feelings, my thoughts, my constant and ever changing emotions. Maybe that would help me see that life was worth living, more than I ever imagined.

I'm really excited to share with y'all all of the projects that I have been working on. The house has really started to come together and a lot of things have changed over the past few months. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I can share how much our kitchen has changed. And we are tweaking a few small details in the master and that will also be ready for a reveal. 

I'm excited for all the things to come and I hope that you follow along the way! Please leave a comment and let me know… how you're doing. What's going on with you lately? 


  1. Great, insightful stuff! I am trying hard not to be too busy so that we can schedule a day to do some estate/yard saling together soon. Miss you friend!


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