December 3, 2015

New Minted Art- Custom House Portrait & Board and Batten Entryway

Hey yall! I'm so excited to be bringing you todays post! We finished the board and batten in the entryway a little while ago and we are so thrilled with how it has turned out. I debated for months on end about doing this in our entryway number one, because we have coved ceilings and I don't want to take anything away from those beauties which are original to our 50's house. Finally, after going back and forth, while my husband was at work & while my mama kept telling me to keep thinking on it, I went for it. :)

And I love it.

It really adds that wow factor when you walk in and instantly brightened the room! The one thing I love in this room is opening the shades every morning & letting the sunshine beam in... but that's hard sometimes with furniture placement & time of day... even the lightest of paint colors sometimes don't help! The board and batten went super quickly this time as I had learned a few things from doing the board and batten in our sun room. You can see that post by clicking here.

I'll do a more detailed post on the board and batten at a later point but really, it's a beautiful back drop for any room. I had fun using some new things here to get a feel for how different this space can look! The other day I snapped some photos of some new art that I recieved from one of my new favorite websites, Minted!

If you haven't visited this website yet, be prepared to want everything. I ordered the custom letterpress house portrait below. If you're interested in seeing all the different options for this custom piece of art, just click the image below!

I knew as soon as I saw the option for the custom letterpress house portrait, I had to have one of our "first" home that we have ever purchased here in Florida. Minted had tons of options as far as how I wanted my portrait to be completed. I elected to choose a warm gray as the ink color for the portrait and also choose a barn wood frame in an 11x14 for a substantial look! You can see all of their options & the details for getting one of your OWN portraits like mine of your house by clicking here! 
I am in awe of how great it turned out and I can't wait to find a more permanent place for it in our home. It literally could go anywhere.... and compliment the room, not because it's fancy "art" or framed nicely... but because it's ours. It's a memory of a house that will always be very special to us!

And by the way, for all of you candle lovers like me out there... go get this candle right NOW. It's from Ross and smells like I put a Christmas tree in my back pocket. It is amazing but not overpowering which I can definitely appreciate! And better than that, it has a wood wick so it makes noise... I can hear the oooo's and ahhhh's now! Really. Go get one. I'll be back on here hopefully this week to show you my Christmas house tour... yes, I know. Two blog posts in one week? What the what!? But in all seriousness... I am loving the pops of red & I'm so excited to show you more!

 I am so honored to have partnered with Minted for this custom letterpress portrait of our home! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter or more dear to my heart piece of art. Please do me a favor and go ahead and head to their website and check out all they have to offer! 

Minted's Limited Edition Art Prints

*This is a sponsored post from Minted but all opinions are honest, truthful and my own.


  1. I LOVE IT! I am going to their website right now!!!!

  2. I couldn't like that presentation more. What nice collection of items that really looks great. Modern influenced but really takes those classic elements that look great forever and never look dated to the next level. And the lighting was perfect too. Gotta say that I'll be taking tips from you the next time I do something similar. Keep it up!

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

  3. I love the way your blog is presented. The pictures on your blog are just beautiful. You can tell that you are a very organized person when you look at your blog. There are many different blogs that I have seen, but this one really excites me more than many of the other ones.

    Maxwell Frey @ Design Build Duluth

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