November 30, 2016

Front room Christmas sneak peek!

Hi y'all! 

In case you're new around here, we are currently 9.5 months pregnant and waiting anxiously on our baby boy, Landon Joseph to make his wonderful appearance! Christmas is extra exciting this year and extra tiring for this mama so we really have kept the decorations simple, sweet and classic. 

Something last year that I really enjoyed was teaming up with Shutterfly and creating a few custom pieces for our home for Christmas! This year was no different! If you'd like to read last years post, you can do so by clicking here! I just wanted to give you a quick peak and snap some pictures of this super cute pillow I received in the mail this week! I loved it so much I have another style on the way!

I seriously love the fact that you can make virtually anything you want and customize it to your style, decor or family.  You can upload personal photos or free printable from the internet too, which is what I decided to do. I gave the free printable link at the end of this post. Just go to home decor > pillows > upload your own design > select your size > then personalize! They have so many options and you can even add a cute little pattern to the back like I did or even to the front, the possibilities are endless! I enjoyed creating these because they are true to us and no one else will have them.

Hope y'all enjoy this little peak into our front living room& into our custom decor this year! If you're interested in this printable, you can find it for free by downloading Lolly Jane, here! I can't wait to order new Christmas cards of our little man! You can find all of those options by clicking here! Let me know what you think of the pillow I designed. I'm super happy with it and really think it fits well with the rest of the look this Christmas! Xo

**All opinions are honest and all my own**


  1. It looks beautiful Ally! Shutterfly has such quality products too!

  2. Ola quero parabenizar um artigo excelente completo de novidades obrigado.

  3. That sounds good to me. I'm not the tidiest person. If I did have someone in to clean, I'd run around and clean first so they didn't see what a mess it was.

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