May 17, 2011

What to do batman?

I'm in the process of re-doing our house. I wish I could start over. Did I mention we live in base housing here...and it's not the newest or prettiest? But FREE. FREE. Did I mention FREE? Ok! are a few pictures of our living room right now and then I'll post some of my ideal living area. Let me know what you think! I'm still wondering what color (black or white) to paint our end tables!


  1. Hey girl. I would leave the end tables the color they are. they are a gorgeous pine. and if you look at the rooms you have posted below one of the biggest things they have is a mix of pattern and color. if you go similar colors you will be too matchy and end up looking like a catalog and not a home. the other thing you could do is paint them a fun color. a pale distressed green would look great with the color of the couches. i hope that helps, just my opinion! -Anna

  2. Can I just say that I love the picture of Tito? He's so cute. :)
    Anyway, I'd paint the end tables white, you need some white in that room to lighten it up! Especially if you plan on painting the walls. Also, have you thought about mounting the TV on the wall above the mantel you got? Instead of on an entertainment stand? I know it's not as cute for decorating purposes but it would open up a LOT of space since your living room is on the smaller side. And I think we need another sewing party, cause you need some more colorful pillows in there. ;) Good luck! Let me know if you need help painting. :D
    P.S.- I'm commenting through my blogger account, just in case you didn't recognize me at first.

  3. Anna, totally cute idea! I'm going for a country cottage look, very serene, clean & white. Very mellow. So yes, Sarah! I am painting them white! And I am putting that mantle in my living room:) I'm just wondering what to do with all those cords!!!! lol from the tv. I need a new rug in the living to bring in some color. I'm using color in accessories not the big peices and I can't wait to show you guys:)

  4. Yay, new post! And yay, new picture of Buttercup, too! ;-)

    As for decorating, I'm no help. You've seen my home, right? LOL

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