June 8, 2011

Late night rambling...

Ah, where to begin! I've been in North Carolina now for oh...over two weeks! Ryan's mother and I are packing my our things up in our Scion XB and headed back back to the tundra wonderful place of Minot, North Dakota. Oh, I am SO dreading the drive! 33 hours to be exact! Did I mention nothing to look at? Sure, the scenery is beautiful but not 33 hours of scenery:) Hahahum... :(

I've been so stressed lately. I keep feeling like I want to get out of Minot A.S.A.P. with any possible out, even deployment. I feel like somewhere new would be a fresh, better start. We both have discussed lots of things dealing with this whole military thing. Such as job, hours, re-enlistment, etc. Ryan is able to cross train in about 6-8 months, hopefully they approve it. And then in about a year and a half, come next December it is time for re-enlist. We weight the pros and cons of the military life over and over and I doubt it will be a planned decision. I'm sure the decision will come closer to re-enlistment. We have a house available to us, FREE...like literally free. Perfect condition, 5 minutes to the beach or the city and shopping. FREE. It is my mom and dad's house but they have told us if Ryan gets out of the military, it can be ours. So essentially, we are lucky enough to have a back up plan. It is SO scary to adjust to this kind of life and then think about leaving it with all the benefits.

Who knows right?! We would be living the same as what we are right now, basically in free housing. And essentially then hopefully I will have or almost have my full degree or be in the career I want to be in to pull in two incomes...which would make life seem well "easy" with no house payment. Ah..rambling...

I should probably go to bed now. My mind is going 100mph right now and I really don't need to sleep past noon again. Bum, I know.

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  1. I hope you've had a good drive so far (I write this being pretty sure that you'll be home today, the 13th).


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