March 20, 2012

Laugh at yourself

"You have to laugh at yourself. It makes life so much easier."

Tonight I scored a beautiful, old dresser. I've been looking for one for what seems like months... 3 days. But this post really isn't about this dresser even though I'm super duper excited about it.

I wanted to redo it for our tv stand. I'm thinking I'm going to take the top drawer out and put two small baskets in there instead :) I'm weighing the options also of painting this dresser a crisp white with a deep stained top and rubbed oil bronze hardware or ALL white...with oil bronzed hardware. Either way, when we'll be seeing LOTS of changes. I'm finally going to just go through with it and do this house the way I want...I'm going to start completely fresh.

Now, here's for the real blog post: I am not good at all a lot of things. I am one of those people who knows "alittle about a lot." Modge podge and I aren't agreeing quite yet. I felt like a 2nd grader trying to do this project...I think a 2nd grader would have done better. But if you just squink your eyes, it looks AWESOME.  :) Here's what supplies you'll need:

Modge Podge: Hobby Lobby $7.99 + 40% off coupon = $5.00
Letter: Hobby Lobby $1.99 + 50% store sale = $1.00
Scrapbook Paper: $0.60 + 30% store sale = CHEAP. I'm too lazy to do the math.
Scissors, paint brush & pen, I had laying around.

She's actually pretty cute. I bought a "Y-U-M" so I could lean them on top of my kitchen cabinets in our new house in FL. Can't wait...have I mentioned that? This is just for now. It would be cute too if you tied a ribbon around the top and hung this on your front door. One of my best friend's did it and it's super cute! Seriously, do it. I promise, you won't regret it. K, thanks, bye.

Here's what this hot mess looks like on the other side:

You guys should totally get on the modge podge train and try it. I'm POSITIVE you'll do better than I ;) I hope everyone's Tuesday is great. P.S. 100 days until we say GOODBYE Minot and hello EAST COAST! HOLLER!


Mrs. Schmidheiser

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