Cute end table re-do

Hey everyone!

 Tonight I worked on a cute little end table...that I am going to be having at my sale on 31 March! It still needs some hardware but I just think she is the most adorable thing and had to show all of you.

Today was also my hubby's 24th birthday! I can't believe how fast time has flown by...we are getting old ;) I just sent him a pizza a few minutes ago that read "Happy Birthday" in pepperoni's. Gotta keep it fun, I guess. ;) He's so awesome and I just love him. He deserves the world.

Well, my sale is next Saturday and I really hope to see all of y'all there! I have been working so hard on everything so I really hope you guys like everything... Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me some of your favorite things! Until then, XOXO

Mrs. Schmidheiser 


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