March 2, 2012

How I set our table

Hey y'all!
I was asked about a week ago how I set my table. I'm not fancy...I like simple things and even more than that...I like things that are CHEAP. Most of the time, fancy and cheap do NOT mix. So...I'm going to break down what I do with our dining room. I should also say I don't go all out with wine glasses or anything, just a simple place mat, a plate, bowl and pretty napkins to top it. Here's what it looks like today. It might change next week. :)

  • My table is a yardsale find. If I remember correctly, I got it for $20. Yes, I said that right.
  • My chairs are a curb find. Someone was throwing them out because her dog had chewed them ony alittle. Nothing a little sanding & painting wouldn't fix. FREE.
  • I just ordered my chair covers. They were $18 a peice which is a lot for cheapo me but I splurged and got them. I've been wanting these for awhile because it really neutralizes the room. The wrinkles are still falling out of them. I wish they'd fall out quicker ;)
  • Placemats are from Ikea for $5 for 4. They're not heavy visually which I needed.
  • The plates and bowls are from the Dollar Tree in town. Yes, you heard that right as well. I love them. I keep going back and buying more. I stack them in my china cabinet just in case we have a lot of guests one night. So $1 a piece and for a table setting of my 4, it was $8 all together. Not bad, not bad at all. I know, one point for me!
  • The napkins were on sale at Target for $1 each. They were this year's Christmas napkins and I scored them back in Jan. Just a green thought for y'all. Instead of buying papertowels, buy a couple sets of this cloth napkins or make your own! They are cuter and washable! And you won't have to buy papertowels ever again :)
  • The napkin holders are also from Target. For 4, I think it was $8. Not bad. Right now they are on the clearance rack, just my luck! ;)

What do y'all do different with your tables? Did you like mine? I love it...thanks for listening!

Mrs. Schmidheiser


  1. LOVE those plates! You'd never think that they came from the Dollar Tree store. Awesome! :)


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