May 31, 2012

Things to love and hate

Everyday I am... beyond critical of myself. What woman isn't?


I hate my legs. Like loathe. I wish I had little stick legs.
I wish I had a chest. Maybe one day, I'll buy one.
I get mistaken for a 12 year old girl at least once a week.
I wish my hair was longer.
I wish I would tip less for crappy service.
I wish I had more confidence.
I wish I was smarter. I would love to be a doctor and help people. Not smart enough.
I wish that I had my degree. I felt stupid not having it.
I wish we didn't have hair anywhere but on our heads. I hate shaving.
I wish I could be "sexy" but I am entirely too corny and cheesy to be sexy.
I wish I didn't care what other people thought of me.
I wish I wasn't so closed off to new friends.
I wish my few best friends lived with me everywhere we go.
I wish my dogs could talk.
I wish people could drive. And park.
I actually am confident in style and what looks good. Too bad I don't think it looks good on me.
I hate that I compare myself to others, constantly.
I hate that I "wish" so much.
I hate that I'm not good enough or at least make myself feel that way.
I hate that I can't save every animal in the world.
I hate that I am a light weight.
I hate that I have to have everything matching.
I hate that people speed. And text while driving.
I hate anything scary. I live in a bubble.
I constantly compare my photography to others.
I hate that money doesn't grow on trees.
I wish running came easy to me.
I am extremely insecure.
I am very self conscious of my teeth... my chest... and my skin color. (pale)
I hate that I want an Equinox. I feel selfish because my husband wants a Tacoma just as bad.
I hate that I want so much.....

I bet you are thinking.... are you done? NO!

Here's to lighten the mood. I have found that this helps... to say all the things that you hate and replace them with things you love. So here goes. And ps, you should try this and be amazed at how many great things you'll find about yourself.

I am a giver. I will help anyone in anyway that I can.
I am a lover. I have a big heart but I am scared to get hurt.
I am a fast typer.
I have nice arms.
I can walk and see and hear and taste. That in itself is a blessing.
I respect my husband's job. I drive the speed limit.
I treat my dogs better than most people treat their kids.
I love decorating and redoing furniture.
I am creative. I can see the beauty in anything.
I am cheap. And yes, that is a good trait. Maybe not cheap, practical.
I have really long eye lashes and they are so pretty with mascara on. But blonde without :\
I love doing things for people without them ever finding out who did it.
I love yardsales and thrift stores.
I have piggie toes.
I love that I am southern.
I love that I hold values and morals.
I love older people, like the elderly.
I love that if I don't know about something, I will research until I do.
I know alittle about a lot.
I love that I can make people laugh. Sometimes.
I love that my husband is my best friend.
I love that I have the most supportive and loving family in the world....

You see... it's not about deadlines or who is prettiest. It's not about how much we make or what kind of car we drive... it's about the ride. Hearing your dogs chase each other and seeing your husband smile. It's about holding a baby for the first time and the feeling of making a house a home.....

I'm being sappy tonight y'all but I really need to decompress. I've been over the top stressed with this move and quitting my job while trying to find another one...
I am a worrier wart and I stress to the max...
but that's not what life is about. There are more important things.


  1. Your post made me feel a bit better about how I see things. That's good! For every negative, there is a positive.

    I'm sure all your negatives are not really negative ;)

  2. You are sooo awesome!!!

  3. Thanks y'all. I know it's a bit here and there but I was a bit emotional while writing it! Thank you for your support!

  4. We all feel the same way. We wish we were (fill in the blank). But at the ripe old age of 58, I am trying my hardest to stay positive about what I do have left that is in fact positive! Great post. ~Delores


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