October 1, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

Hey y'all!

If you have been like me, you have had a couple million projects going on at once. This was on of them that I found over at Beneath the Magnolias! Love her stuff and this is where I got the idea. I did mine a little different but basically the same result! I had a smaller chalkboard on our garage door beside the kitchen for some time now that we basically use to write little notes to each other, things we need, etc. It has really come in handy and I really dig the location :-) Don't mind the crappy bow job. It's what I had "on hand" and Hobby Lobby isn't open at 8:30 p.m. ;-)

Ok! So here's the breakdown of what I bought. 

Mirror from Walmart: $5.00 
You can get these in an assortment of colors or even paint them yourself! I ALMOST got a white one. Y'all should be proud. HAHA!

Valspar Chalkboard Paint: $15 from Lowes. 
I choose paint vs. spray paint because Spray Paint actually gets on my nerves, haha.

Brushes are from Walmart and they are the cheap $1.50 for like 15 of them bag. 
And they are always out of these...because I guess everyone is like me and buys cheap ones for these kinds of projects :-) And that's it!

Here's a photo I snapped of my supplies against our garage door. TOTALLY simple project. And so far, has cost me... at just about $20.00. Totally worth it for a door length mirror.

I suck and didn't take pictures of the progress. I simply laid out the mirror on my painting cloth. I brushed on a thin layer of the chalkboard paint and let it dry for about 8 hours. It says on the back of the can to let it dry 24 hours. I suck and I am impatient. *NOTE* It will be thin at first. Make sure you stir well before use. After 8 hours, I put on another coat and let it sit another 8 hours. I first brushed the outside of the frame by following the frame work which made it a lot easier.

After waiting 16 hours, I brushed a third and final coat. I made sure to get any spots that looked like they may not have soaked in the chalkboard paint as well. I LOVED the result. BUT wait... how do I get this on my door?

These picture frame holders are soooo cheap! You can literally get them anywhere also for about 99 cents depending on how many you want. I simply put them on the back of the top of the mirror. They come with tiny itty bitty nails. I added these because I wanted to pull the burlap through them to hang the bow from the hook on the door. Make sense?

I also purchased these 3M strips to hold the chalkboard to the door. It would get so annoying to have the chalkboard banging everytime you open or close the door. I LOVE these little 3M strips because you can use them virtually anywhere, for anything! I put one on the top of the mirror, one in the middle and one on the bottom.

And again, here is the final result. I'll be going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and getting new burlap to make a new, pretty wreath. But for now, I am loving it. 

Let me know what y'all think! If you haven't LIKED Home by Ally on Facebook, do it now HERE! I gave the blog a semi facelift. Hope you like it.

PS, here's a sneak peek at another blogpost inspired by Pinterest coming soon!

See y'all later!


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