December 5, 2012

DIY Letter Frame

Hey y'all!
I've been SUPER busy today editing photos from a wedding last month, editing photos of a pregnancy anouncement and working on 8 different custom signs! Shew! This girl is beat!
Tonight's post is how to make a "DIY Letter Frame." I've seen these floating around Pinterest. Sometimes things like this, I never even really try because I think that is too easy. Surely, I don't need to do a tutorial on it for people to know how to do it right? Well that stops today! As much as I can, I will be writing blog posts on how to do certain things, DIY tips, home decor tips, etc! I want the world to know about Home by Ally. And for that to happen, well.... it starts at home :)

Here are a few from Pinterest that I love...
Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown
And here is Home by Ally's version....
So here's what you'll need!
- Letter (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, any craft store) (Mine was 99 cents)
-Paint (Sample size works)
-Picture frame, any size. (Just make sure it can be painted) *TIP* You can get frames SUPER cheap at the dollar store or at any thrift store! (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 but used a coupon so got it for just over $2.00)
-Painters Tape (Only if you want to do a frame with stripes)
-Ribbon (if you would like to hang it up)
-Glue (Super glue will work fantastic, liquid nails, modge podge)
-Fabric, any kind you wish!
Everything I for this project I had on hand except the frame & letter so it only cost me $3.00! You could still easily do this on any budget for under $10.00 or $15.00. Easy. This I consider to be one of the easiest projects I've done to date. I got it all done in 10 minutes or less.
 (not including paint drying time)
The first step that I did was tape off how I wanted my stripes to be. I used my painters tape to do as shown. When you are painting stripes, a good tip to get a nice, clean line after you remove the tape is to paint the tape too. Yes, paint the tape.

Below is a photo after I took off my paint. Pretty straight lines :) After this, I simply took the tape I already used (recycle & repurpose), used it again and taped off the already painted parts so I could painted the unpainted sections a cream color.

I sanded the front down for a nice smooth finish but this isn't really necessary. I also slightly distressed it which you also don't have to do if you don't wish.
I took out the back of the picture frame and this was the insert that I had as well a piece of cardboared fit to size of the frame that is not shown. I used it as a guide to cut my fabric to size. I gave myself about an inch all around just to be sure I had enough!

Now, you don't even have to glue your fabric to the cardboard that comes with the frame but I did! As you can see, I had alot of excess fabric but I would rather have been safe than sorry. I had about 2 inches all around. I simply took scissors & cut it down more.
Take the prongs on the back side and put them back down to hold the fabric securely in place. Remember if you're using any kind of fabric to make sure it isn't too loose on the front and to also make sure that it isn't too tight where the fabric is laying uneven.

So, what do y'all think of my DIY letter picture frame? Totally easy right? And it only cost me $3.00! I would love to see if you try this so make sure to show me on Facebook. To "LIKE" Home by Ally on Facebook, click HERE. Also, make sure to click "follow" over to the right! And if you don't have a blogger account, simply add your email over there to the right as well so you can stay up to date on everything "HOME BY ALLY." Talk to y'all really soon!


  1. Omg Ally! This looks so easy to do! I have seen people selling these but gosh how simple! Thanks I may be making some for Christmas gifts!!! How much would you say one of these costs to make yourself?

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