December 22, 2012

Client Dining Room Before and After Reveal! Part 1

My mama is a very classy and typical southern woman. She loves gorgeous colors, glitzy and glamourous accessories and adores anything with character and charm. She has always talked about changing her dining room color to something more neutral like grey or beige but never quite had the kahuna's to do it. Of course, my love of decor didn't fall short from the tree. You can see from my mama's house just where I get it from. 

The "before" dining room was a very strong and "look at me" red. A very statement color. Here is a before picture for you to look at. The table seats 8 and has TWO different leaves to go all the way to 7ft! That's me in the left corner from one of my bridal portraits. I like to call my mama's house my shrine since there are so many photos from our wedding everywhere! The ceiling is painted a goldish brown color to really bring out the tray ceiling. She added little vinyl sayings to the part by the hutch as you can see. The hutch is HUGE and very HEAVY by the way :) I always forget to take great before pictures but I guess that just makes the after photos that much better, right?!

So, are you ready to see the transformation yet? Are you on the edge of your seat? Let's take a new tour of the *almost* completed dining area but first here's a few more photos be
fore I was about to take on her dining area. Did I mention how heavy that hutch was?

I also snapped a few photos during the process. 

If you are unsure about what tape this is, it called Frog Tape. BEST painting tape there is in my opinion and well worth the extra few dollars. If you haven't ever heard of it, you can find it here. Once you use it, you won't use anything else! I promise you! I highly recommend it!

Drumroll please....

Here she is! We painted the dining room a pale grey. I didn't think to get a darker grey for the tray sealing but that will be next. She already had a beautiful set of dining room furniture here in prestige condition so why even think of getting rid of it? She was... but says she's fallen in love all over again now that we've painted and completely made the room look brand new!

Everything that you see in the photos was found in my mama's house. She really didn't want to spend a lot of money and I mean, who really does? So we worked with what we have. But we do plan on getting her two new buffet lamps, two photos, each of which to go on either side of that window and something for the wall to the right of this photo. She also needs a new china set. Maybe that'll be a present from that awesome daughter of hers, what do you think?

The table is gorgeous! Solid cherry wood with two leaves as I stated before. Two captains chairs flank her buffet which had the hutch on it in the old dining area. The captain chair's arms I LOVE with their monkey tail shape. I threw two small jeweled pillows on each chair for a pop of color. 

After I took this photo, I took the black tiny lamp shades off the chandelier. We will be looking for a new chandy as well! I think my mom has one that we can use so I need to drag that out of part II of this before and after! The round mirror which I keep trying to steal from her and obviously can't now because she would notice is from Kirklands awhile back. Isn't it gorgeous? It really softens the room as there are many straight lines in the room with the crown, trim, ceiling and tables as well as floors.

The china I stole from mom's cabinet. It is beautiful, done in black and white roses. The vase in the middle of the table mama got awhile back from HomeGoods. I LOVE it. And want it. She'd notice if I took that too, dang it...

I decided to take the hutch off the buffet because the buffet was crowding the room and the red, although pretty, wasn't helping either. I wanted a lighter feel with more of a neutral feel with POPS of color. A good thing to remember while decorating is to always create a neutral backdrop. Beige, greys, light greens, etc. and use colors in your accessories. If you're going to do a bold color in a room, use minimal accessories. The lamp I stole from my old room upstairs but she and I both are on the lookout for two buffet lamps so that is something that will change.

Here's a better view of the chandelier. Beautiful right? Timeless right? She needs something a little more updated but for now, this is still pretty! I don't hate it and neither did she!

Again, here is the chair. Beautiful right?

I really do think I'm going to steal that candle holder. Those are antlers and they are totally in right now. I want it. Like yesterday. The other two little Christmas trees I stole from her entryway. When I decorate and do a grouping like this or with candle holders or picture frames, always do odd numbers... 1..3..5.. the groups look much better!

These little pillows are so cute and are from a local pottery place here in North Carolina.

Again, everything you see she HAD. Can you believe that? We literally spent about $40.00 for paint as well as painting supplies including my handy Frog Tape for a transformation this awesome!

Just for kicks, I snapped a photo while I dimmed the lights and the sun was setting. I love the mood it creates and lamps just make every home seem cozier.

And just for giggles, here is a nice before and after. What do you think? I am loving the transformation and I will be on the lookout to complete the room when minor changes as I stated before like buffet lamps, photos to go on either side of the window and maybe even a rug. She loves the look of a shag rug so that may be an option. She also plans to add panel molding to the lower walls in time which I think will be elegant and make the space feel that much more sophisticated.

So what do you think of our makeover that only cost $40? What is your favorite accessory? What would you have done different? Are you planning on painting a room soon? Let me know what y'all think by commenting below! Thanks for reading and talk to y'all soon!



  1. Like how the room seems lighter and brighter with the gray paint!

  2. Whoooa, looks really cool! I would like to hold my wedding in a place like that. Or, even better, I would like to engage in a place like this. It's really wonderful. I would place it as first in my rating of of cool plases with wonderful interior design

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