March 28, 2013

Kitchen/Dining Updates Tour

As many of you know who follow me on Instagram (@Homebyally), you saw this photo below a few days ago. I've had horrible decor block a few days months now and I was really getting fed up with just not being able to do the things I wanted to do, mostly because we were stuck in a rental, we don't know how long we're going to be here and I don't have any money
So, I changed a few things up. Folks, if you get sick of all of your stuff... take EVERYTHING out of the room except the large furniture. First vaccum. This ALWAYS helps me and makes it feel that much better in the space. Then, shop your home. Move things around. Try thing. Do a different furniture arrangement, etc and you'll be surprised at what you come up with... So here's a new few. I'll be sure to post a BEFORE/AFTER too!
Here's a peek at the kitchen. I still would love to get a roman shade for the kitchen window and a pretty sign for above the window instead of the ornant metal accessory. I would love to have the top of the cabinets trimmed with molding and have old books, antiques, trinkets, etc up there but for now, I used what I have. A lot of plates and other various items that I could find.

I am still in search of the perfect wall decor for either side of the dining room window below.

Here's a peek into the powder room which is off of our dining area. Ignore my picture-less frames and concentrate your eyes on the vintage mason's. :) 

I moved our shudder sage green cabinet with the stained top to the entryway. Not sure if it'll stay there yet but we'll see. I'm thinking about building a small console table to go underneath the chalkboard to hold stacked plates, linens and trinkets that I love...we will see!

See these bare walls, well they are ok. But I'd rather not rush the decor that will go up on them... so for now they will sit in all of their bare glory... sigh.

Here's another view. I'd love to find a colorful rug to go in front of that door to the left. But I'd rather be patient and find something I like than settling. I think our bar stools would look cute with neutral beige cushions on them but that can wait too. Did I mention how much I would CHANGE if this was my house? But it's not. Let's not forget we rent thus why this kitchen isn't white, we don't have butcher block countertops, the ceiling isn't beadboard or planked white and we don't have old, rustic floors. Need I say more ;)

Let's go back and see what it looked like when we first moved in... below. I hated these barstools but they were a "quick fix."  Hint, don't do QUICK fixes. They are quick but not a fix ;)

And here's another after we got new barstools and some more accessories... not bad but still eh...



Have you shopped your home lately? Do you think small changes can make a huge difference? What is your favorite thing about this space? Do you love your kitchen? What does your dream kitchen have in it? Thank yall for reading! And if you enjoyed this post and would like "PIN" any of these images on your Pinterest boards for future inspiration, you can do so below!


  1. What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective… Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

  2. Oh I so agree small changes can make such a big difference!

  3. i would love for you to come and "shop" my home for me. I am doing my best to get things how I want. We moved in in August and I decorated and I liked it, but that fades. I've been trying to work with what I have and with a limited budget! Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!


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