August 25, 2013

Sweet Savannah Joy

I've tried to find the words the past few days to write this blog post. I usually don't get too personal whenever it comes to my blog and like to try to separate my personal life from Home by Ally but I have felt the urge to tell you about Josh, Rebecca and Savannah.

In their words, here is Savannah and her parents story...

On January 26th, we found out that we were expecting and that on October 7th we'd be bringing a new life into this world. The first few months were an incredibly exciting time filled with belly pictures, announcement planning, and multiple appointments with our doctor. There was even a blood test that told us the gender and on April 5, over a plate of chicken pot pie and Fish & Chips at Meg O'Malley's, we found out that we were having a little girl!! From that moment on she was no longer just our baby, she was our daughter, sweet Savannah Joy.

     From there it was a whirlwind of activity as we were able to narrow down our search for babythings and actually start planning her nursery. We were so happy and care free that when our OB had me give blood for a test that detected the possibility of neural tube defects (NTD's) we didn't give it a second thought, until the results came back positive.

     Our OB told us that Savannah had an abnormally high number of AFP cells in her system which was cause for concern and that she was scheduling the next available appointment with a high-risk doctor. That appointment was a tale in itself, but to summarize the visit; Savannah was diagnosed with an NTD called anencephaly; a condition where the brain and skull never fully develop, affecting only 1 in every 1,000 births and giving babies with this diagnosis only a few hours to live under best case scenarios.

     Devastation doesn't even begin to describe our initial feelings. We had no idea what to do or who to talk to, all we knew was that we wanted a second opinion and we wanted the doctor to be wrong. We couldn't understand; this sort of thing only happens to people in the news, how could we be part of the 1%? Regardless of the outcome of the second opinion, one thing rang in our minds like a bell: 
We want to meet our sweet Savannah so termination is out of the question.

     We were very blessed in the fact that we were able to get the second opinion right away and while the diagnosis stayed the same, the whole appointment was a wonderful, therapeutic experience that we will never forget. We were still devastated  but we started to focus on what Savannah had rather than what she didn't have. God has given her life, and it is our job as parents to help her live it.

     We know that this will not be an easy journey. Each day comes with a new set of challenges, emotions, and joys. However, we are resting on the promises of God, knowing that even when it does not make any sense to us, he has a plan and a purpose! 
Right now we need your words of encouragement, prayers, and support as we embark on this journey to celebrate our sweet Savannah Joy.

Rebecca and Josh had a baby shower thrown for Sweet Savannah this past weekend. Filled with laughter, great friends and family and lots of love and support... the baby shower was the sweetest event and something I feel that Savannah definitely felt the love with! I had the pleasure of snapping these photos at the baby shower for Josh, Rebecca and Savannah to remember the day...

Lots of greys, soft pinks and peaches as well as creams filled each room. Roses in mason jars, sweet tear in an adorable "Savannah" pitcher... it really showed that they put a lot of thought into this event for their sweet baby girl. Tiaras, faux diamonds and feathers, everyone felt like a princess, just like sweet Savannah!

I've known Rebecca for a little over a year... and let me tell you. I've never met a person more caring, sweet or beautiful inside and out. I have been so inspired by their story and how much love they have showered their baby with, even before she has come into this world. They have even made a bucket list for Savannah of all the things that they would want Savannah to experience and things that Savannah would want to do to include: hearing the symphony, grandpa kisses, cruise, picnic and so many more. 

I have sat many nights and cried for this young family who are around the same age we are... I have cried for Josh, Rebecca and Savannah that they have to go through this... these wonderful, sweet people are going through this. Why them? Why do these things happen to the best of people? Because God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. This brings me to my second thought, they are my inspiration. Through this journey, I have been humbled. I WANT to be a better person because of their story. I WANT to have a stronger faith in God and trust that he has plans that are perfect for me, just like for Rebecca and Josh and Savannah. We may not understand it today or tomorrow... but someday, it will all make sense.

I have prayed for Josh, Rebecca and Savannah every night since I read about Savannah's story. And now I want to ask YOU to also pray for them. God works in mysterious ways and believing in everything that happens is God's will. If you would like to read more about Savannah's story and also follow their blog, click HERE.

All I ask from you is to just pray and keep this sweet family in your prayers. And share their story. It has instilled more faith than many know in me...and I can only hope that it will do the same for you.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Although somehow my original bio on my blog got deleted, I let it be known how I am totally inspired by people like your friends. It all started when a young coworker of my husbands was diagnosed with cancer. Just like you it made me want to be more like him/them. I will be following her and more importantly praying for this sweet, very special family. What a blessed event Sweet Savanah's birth will be.

  2. My prayers are with Savannah and her family. What an amazing family Savannah has!


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