September 3, 2013

Downstairs home tour

This will be a quick post because I need to get to bed. A few of you on the Home by Ally Facebook page have been asking for a home tour for SO long. And since I announced a few days ago that we BOUGHT a house here in Florida, why not be better late than never and show you our full down stairs in our rental. Hehe.

Below is the kitchen that you have seen before I'm sure. We worked with what we had and added as much character as we possibly could fit into this builder grade, boring, yawn kitchen. :)

I always stare in this kitchen and think about how amazing it would have been with just a few minor tweaks like a chandelier, hardwood floors, stainless appliances and coveted white cabinets. Bead board ceilings and a farmhouse sink... seriously, what were they thinking, am I right?

Below is the empire dresser I got a month or two ago? It has been a few different colors already. I really wanna do a unique hand painted front to it but I'm waiting until we move to decide since I will probably use this beauty in our guest bedroom.

Here's a close up on the knobs. I loved these so much at Hobby Lobby, I had to get them! And sure enough, I found the perfect piece for them. For now, at least.

We had friends over this past weekend so Ryan treated me to some fresh hydrangeas from our local market. You would have thought I won a million dollars when I saw them.

The gates were purchased at HomeGoods a few months back. I knew instantly I wanted them because of their height. My lovely boxwood wreathes flank each one.

Oh this shaker style buffet... oh what a beauty! And in amazing condition. And sadly, will not fit in our next house. So... I've got to enjoy her or him...all of three weeks and sadly have to sell! But oh my goodness, someone is going to get soooooo lucky getting this beauty! All original and in excellent condition, oh my! If you are interested, please email me through homebyally{at}

Don't mind my crooked shot here. Or my naked picture frames hung horizontal instead of vertical. Don't judge me, mkay!

Just purchased this at our local antique mall where I have a booth! Come visit at 1240 Sarno Road, Melbourne, FL. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed. I pinky promise!

I'm also going to be selling this chandelier. Again, email me if you are interested. I'll be posting everything on Facebook as well.

I love a sweet little vignette including this one in our powder room off of the dining room. 

Nothing too special. I did have a boxwood wreath hanging on this but took it down.

The essentials, good magazines and the paper! Nice.

I feel like our living room is so bare bones and always has been. I added the mirror a few months back too. I love it and all of it's chunkiness. And I still love my lamps. And I'm looking for more just like them. I am officially obsessed, darn it. Or perhaps that was my husband that just said darn it ;)

Little dog apparently didn't wanna be in the photo. Yes, I watermarked that.

Such a dork. He told me he was obsessed with bones. And his mini stairs.

This beauty of a tv stand went very fast on Facebook. I hope it went to a good home :) We enjoyed her while we had her and it's such a gorgeous, functional piece of furniture!

Told you it would be short. Hope you enjoy a small peek into this house... but I really can't wait to show y'all pictures of the new house! Hubby and I looked at a few and walked into this one and I knew. I was DEAD set on GETTING a fixer. But we didn't. And I'll tell you more about that later. Oh! And it's a semi-historic house? Built in 1957, haha! Just like my grandmothers old house in North Carolina that my mom now has and will be hubby and I's when we move back home... I think that's why we fell in love with this one so much...yada, yada... until next time.



  1. So exciting! I moved from PA to Beaufort, SC about two years ago from a old home to a 8 year old coastal home and absolutely love it. I am having so much fun with decorating, and making new friends.....

    Best of luck!

  2. Such a creative and beaitiful home! Laura

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