October 5, 2013

Day 2: Lighting & my favorites

I'll be the first to admit I officially suck at this 30 day, post one time a day thing because time gets away from me everyday. Today, this post is from day 2, the day I wanted to talk about lighting and share with you some of my favorite lighting, some of my hints to getting a good deal on lighting and lighting that will work in any space or style.

I adore those two and the "french" style of both. Not harsh, just the right amount of romantic, light and airy. The only problems I always run into our the price tags. We are not millionaires or even wealthy for that matter, in most peoples standards.

I like this Allen & Roth 18- Light Bronze Chandelier. It is very different, timeless yet modern and not something you see everyday. We just bought it and hung it up but I'm actually feeling like its not exactly what I wanted so it may be for sale soon.

We've been extremely busy working on our new home and unpacking the house, room by room. On top of moving into a new home, I am currently studying for a board exam that I will tell y'all more about when I can and my husband got put back working 12-15 hour days because of the government shutdown so he's been leaving earlier for work and getting home later. I won't speak much on the subject as we are all entitled to our opinions.

This is a short post to start catching up this week on all I have missed! Do you have a favorite chandelier? Where did you buy yours? 

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