January 15, 2014

My everyday, new things around the house & a peek at the market setup

Home by Ally teamed up once again with Lucky Day Design Co. this past weekend and we participated in our first "show" here in Florida called the "Vintage Market." It was loads of fun and we got the opportunity to meet amazing vendors and people along the way! We were so busy though I only had time to snap a few photos which are not the greatest but I hope you get the idea.

I was really proud of our space! I thought that it looked lovely but as Friday morning rolled around, we were blessed enough to sell out a lot of things on Friday! And had to bring stuff from home on Saturday! God is so good… But besides that, they are hoping to do another market in July so y'all will have to mark your calendars for us because I'm sure that we will participate again!

Today has been a sort of dreary day so Dawn and I headed to the antique mall and bought a few pieces of furniture for our booth because we were SOLD OUT by the time the market ended! We were and are so proud! And we wanted to thank everyone from the bottoms' of our hearts who came out and supported us! Y'all just do not know what it means to us!

At the market, I bought these printed drop cloth pieces of fabric that I think would be beautiful for pillow fronts. I wanted to get more of them but another lady snatched them up as I was looking. That's what I get for being indecisive, I suppose.

If you haven't met Dawn from Lucky Day Design Co, go give her a "like" on her Facebook page here. She is the queen of providing unique handmade goods and I really cherish her as a friend these days. She left me this rocker on my front porch the other day and texted me saying a "surprise" was waiting for me. Leave it to me to have an old, chippy rocker make my heart skip a beat. 

For the past two days, I've been very low-key and just took some time to relax at our house, enjoy our puppies and just take a breather. Lord knows I need it because I'm going 24/7 but I also like to stay  busy. I wanted to snap a few photos of some things around the house I might not have shown y'all yet. Above is a gift I received from a dear friend of our families'! She HANDMADE this! Isn't it incredible? I love it! I have it on "show case" as soon as you walk into the house :) Thank you Linda!

I've been really trying to find myself again the past few months and more than that, find what I want out of our home. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in making everything pretty, having everything be perfect and getting upset over the dumbest of things that you don't take time for the little things.

Hints my damaged Dear Foam slippers that are oh so comfy that little dog chewed the second week we brought him home. I look down and think of him every time I put them on.

Or watching our little doxies look out our big front window and bark at every person, thing, animal and noise in site. Please don't tell them that they are not even a foot tall. They probably wouldn't know better anyways since they fear nothing!

I'm really enjoying my new boxwood wreath which measures at 22 inches wide in our sunroom. I'm not sure if this is it's permanent place but for now, I am loving the fresh pop of green against all of the windows. Greenery freshens up any room and we used it a lot in our booth at the vintage market.

If you follow me on Facebook (HERE) you will occasionally see that I post some items for sale there. At some point in time, I will be selling our set of Ikea end tables & coffee table as well as an England (LazBoy) sofa set with coordinating chair & ottoman. There will be others things for sale as well but I am still working on a few things before I can sell them. Question to y'all is would you rather me make a post of everything I'm selling or just post to Facebook. I really would rather not have another sale at my house because this time around, I'd like to keep "our home" as private as possible. 

The set is well loved and has been good to us over the past few years but does show some wear and tear so the price will reflect that. And if you know anyone looking for a nice looking for a great couch/chair & ottoman set, ours is a couple of years old, very well kept with no stains or holes. And being super comfortable helps as well ;-)

And as I turned to put my camera down, I look at my favorite pillow I have and thought I'd share with y'all….what a great reminder this is to see everyday.

Until next time...


  1. Thanks for your support and all the fun times! I am looking forward to all the great things we have ahead of us!


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