January 6, 2014

New TV stand

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have known that we got a new piece of furniture that I just adore. And it was not really planned. So let me just quickly tell you I had this amazing idea in my head of having a fireplace below on the wall where we keep our tv. So, we went to Lowes and found pre-fab mantles on clearance and I figured we'd build our own built in's on either side. Problem was um… we don't have a fireplace and we're in Florida. So, long story short… it looked cheap to me as far as the faux logs go and that whole thing, so we returned everything. Enter going shopping with a dear friend who I love so much already… and enjoy our NEW tv stand!

Here's the BEFORE photo when we were trying out the pre-fab pieces for the mantle. They were pretty and I'm sure that would have looked ok but I just didn't really like the look ultimately of a "faux" fireplace and thinking about resale later on, I nixed the idea pretty quickly.

Below was the first thing that caught my eye about the tv stand. Some of it has mimicked a few tv stands that we have had in the past but if I were to build one in my head, it would look almost exactly like this one. I saw it and let out the "gasp" and knew I had to have it. In case you didn't know, that's how I know I REALLY love something and have to have it.

It has a beautiful antique white finish with black pulls, window style glass doors and is constructed of solid wood which was a definite plus because I wanted this to really last us and looked at it as an investment. I love all the drawers so, so much. I just love everything about it, let's be honest. It's just that pretty. Haha! We don't know if we plan on hanging the tv on the wall later or not…. but there will be plenty of time to decide that. I haven't even decorated inside the cabinets yet, I just stuck two boxwood topiaries on either side of the tv and called it a day!

I wanted to bring more natural textures and warmth into our space so I bought an XL basket from TJMaxx that looks very similar to the ones at Target that I always look at except this one was bigger AND cheaper! Score! Winston, (Our oldest wiener dog) has already claimed it as his napping place. I knew that would happen when I bought it so I didn't feel one bit guilty. I love this little space in the picture below. So simple but nice and refreshing. 

I still would like to get a new rug for this room and it needs to be at least an 8x10. I loved my Ikea Jute Rug in the last house that we had under the dining room table. I still may go get another because I'm using our old one under our covered patio for our future built farmhouse table out there.

Oh! And I've had this mirror for quite some time. In our old rental house, it hung over the couch in the living room until we moved out. It' s very large, about 2'x3' so it's definitely a statement piece. On a whim, I brought it in the sunroom because I was going to sell it at the market that I'm doing this weekend but I actually love it where I hung it so that's where it will stay for now.

Overall, I am so happy that we got the tv stand. I wasn't really looking for one but I just say that she found me ;-) What do you think of it? I'm just thrilled and will keep y'all updated as I decorate it and the sunroom as well as other rooms more. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a few sneak peeks of the market items that I'll be bringing! 


  1. Did the tv stand come from Lowe's?

  2. What market are you doing this weekend? Is it in Florida? I'd like to attend

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  4. Where did you get the entertainment center? I love it! Is it as antique or something new?


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