September 24, 2015

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour!

I'm so honored to have teamed up with these ladies for the 2015 Fall Home Tour using the hashtag #farmhousefalltour. Remember we would absolutely love to see your Fall decorating so use the hashtag on Instagram and you may be featured on any of our accounts as a showcase! 

Now, I'm going to go ahead and tell y'all...lots of photos! I always tend to hold back photos of my own in fear of them not being "perfect" or just right for the photos but here recently, I heard the saying... "Progress, not perfection." And my, my how fitting for my life. So, without further ado, enjoy the Fall Home Tour at Home by Ally for 2015. Enjoy and let me know what y'all think!

We'll start with walking through the front door. If you follow along on Instagram (you can find HBA Here!) you will see I've been working hard on a project I've had in my head for some time in the entry! That reveal is coming soon so stay tuned for that! I have a very simplistic style. I don't like a lot of fuss or an "overly" decorated space or lots of accessories. I'd rather it be minimal where the room can truly speak to you and your family...

The front "formal" living area is going through those changes as well so although you won't see the full room in this tour, I am really excited for those changes and can't wait to show y'all! Now, let's make our way to the dining area... We recently found a "new to us" antique maple table that is larger in diameter to fit just one more slipcovered chair at the table. We also have two extra slipcovered chairs for guests in our office when the time comes so it's nice to have that flexibility! We plan to strip the table to its original wood state and just put a simple wax on it. I really am in love with raw wood, especially rustic, raw pine. Something about the warmth and rustic nature of it has my heart.

We also recently found a beautiful Allen & Roth chandelier (lantern style) with open sides at Lowes Home Improvement and we quickly switched that out over the weekend. It's a little larger than the last one and more substantial which I am in love with. My husband says it looks the same but what do they know ;-)

I picked up these custom pillow covers I had made yesterday also! I've had this idea in my head for these vintage bank bags for years! I simply had the idea of fraying the edge since the bags are smaller  originally and sewing the fronts onto simply linen white pillows. I LOVE the results! They are so authentic, original and not something you can just go buy anywhere! I'm planning to have more made as well as many other ideas I have for custom pillows to be carried in the store! If you haven't visited the HBA space at Vintage Living Marketplace, what are you waiting for? We have an amazing set of vendors and you really should go check it out! You can find the stores FB page HERE!

Below are my Decor Steals herb boxes! They also appear to be made of pine and although I loved them, I wanted to tone down the "orange-ness" of the pine boxes. I simply washed a white wash mixture over the boxes & wiped clean after a few seconds to give them more of a washed pine look. I also spray painted the handles matte black instead of a rustic reddish-brown that they original were. 

I added faux and real greenery as well as some mums for fall! I've had a few people ask me on Instagram do I seal the boxes when I water the flowers. The flowers I put in these are actually in pots. I simply take them out when I want to water them and leave them at the sink to be watered. Once the soil is semi-dry after watering, I place them back in their boxes. I do have wash clothes on the bottom of each box for excess drips just in case! ;-)

This sign has my heart. It's a custom sign that I'm giving away a FREE SIGN HERE. Go enter before it ends because Sophistiqa's work is AMAZING and I am so honored to have partnered with her and her hubby! They are the sweetest family and I am glad I have some of their work in our home!

This dork likes to photo bomb every picture. I think I have 30 of these with his "bunny." I just love him. Do you have animals that always seem to steal the spotlight when you are doing something? Or kids? Hehe...I'm sure y'all can relate! But he's cute so it'll be ok!

So, that's the tour. I really hope you enjoyed how I decorated our home for fall. I really enjoy no fuss decorating and love bringing natural elements into our home. I can't wait to show y'all all the projects I've been working tirelessly on! If you want to save any of these photos or Pin them on Pinterest, please feel free to do so by hovering over the photo and you'll see your option to "Pin on Pinterest." I really enjoyed teaming up with these sweet ladies so make sure you go to their blogs and show them some love for their homes too! I am so honored! 



  1. Oh, my gosh!!! There is so much I love here! I must say that your idea of filling the herb boxes with mums and greenery is the prettiest way I've seen them used. And I love the pot that you have by the little chair in your living room. It has such a unique shape. Must go pin everything from your post now!!!

  2. Very pretty !! Love the herb boxes and the light fixture in yoyour dining room. Everything looks to pretty to touch though, almost "show house" vibes which makes me wonder how you can live like that. The entertainment I'm the sunroom is a pretty color but dominates Good job tho!

  3. I love it! Love the wood colors you have throughout your home. Do you mind sharing where you got your tv stand from, it's perfect?

  4. Ally, everything looks SO PRETTY!!! You did an amazing job decorating your home and every detail is just perfect. Nicely done, my friend :) xoxo

  5. Oh my word, everything is stunning and gorgeous! I love every last detail, especially filling the herb boxes with mums and all the candles on the table! Sharing on twitter!

  6. Beautiful! love your home and the tour! I love the doggie photo bomber too...I have two boxers and one of them seems to always have their butt in my photos, haha.

  7. Ally, I absolutely love your home. Everything is so pretty. The board and batten turned out great and congrats on getting it completed on time. Great idea on the pillows too. ;-) Wonderful job.

  8. I love your beautiful home, Ally! So many lovely farmhouse details; and your neutral color scheme is the perfect backdrop for all of your pretty plants and greenery!

  9. Ally,
    just found you through the fall home tour pinned on pinterest. You have done a wonderful job designing your home. It's warm, inviting and cozy and your fall d├ęcor is perfect. I've enjoyed browsing through. I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me! Looking forward to visiting often.

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