September 27, 2011

And again...the darn end tables...

I'm posting a follow up to yesterday's post about my darn end tables. I knew I really didn't have the courage to get rid of such great I did something different.

I stained over the what I did. I lightly wiped stain all over the bottom of each end table...let it sit for about a minute and then wiped clean to show a very like, rustic brown...that surprisingly I don't know yet if I hate... I'm ok with. Here's a peek! Let me know what you think! Of course, I'm going to let them sit a few days and will end up distressing them more on the bottoms to give them an even older feel...

Thanks for listening ladies & gents:) I start my new job tomorrow, wish me luck...because I'm super nervous! Butterflies are doing flips in my stomach...eeekkk.

Love Always,
XOXO Mrs. Schmidheiser

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